As the “snipers” of Sarajevo?

Comme les «snipers» de Sarajevo?

Two bags of groceries in his arms, gasping for air, Maryse comes in bursts into the apartment and slams the door behind her.

She drops the bags, that she has to spray Purell before unpacking the contents. What’s going on there ? “Nothing ! I decided that I would make the shop more quickly in order to avoid the virus. As Paul Merchant in the film yesterday evening ! “.

The day before, we had seen Sympathy for the devil, a film by montreal filmmaker Guillaume de Fontenay. It is the story of the dangers incredible that has accrued to the war correspondent Paul Marchand, during the siege of Sarajevo. In his Ford Sierra dented, a Merchant was travelling always the pedal to the floor, in the hope of avoiding the snipers are hidden.

I’m a little less convinced that Maryse that we can avoid the coronavirus by walking more quickly or rolling at any speed. The bullets of the snipers, perhaps, but the virus ? It would be necessary to ask the good doctor Arruda.


It is true that in looking for Sympathy for the devil, on illico, I thought of our situation. From 1992 to 1996, the 350,000 citizens of Sarajevo are surrounded by the Serbs. Four years of siege, during which you cannot leave your home without the risk of being injured or killed by the bullets of a sniper. These days, you can’t go out either, but these are not the balls that threaten us, but a virus even more invisible as a sniper.

During all the years of the siege, the authorities of Sarajevo, as the prime minister François Legault, ordered the citizens not to go out, send a single person to do shopping, especially not to hang together in groups in the street or in a public place. Despite these strong calls, the seat 11 000 people dead and thousands injured. We, we do not know how the COVID-19 will be the victims. It is not known when she will lift the seat.


Paul Merchant, a Quebec remembers the news stories that aired regularly on the tv, and the radio of Radio-Canada, laughed at the death. It was a fanciful and impudent, said the editor, Jacques Lanctôt, a blogger of our journal. Lanctôt has well-known Merchant when he lived in Quebec after his crazy years of the war reporter.

Paul Merchant was painted the following words on the roof of his Ford Sierra : “Don’t waste your bullets, I am immortal ! “(Don’t waste your bullets, I am immortal !) It made me think of those Quebecers who believe themselves to be stronger than the coronavirus and that do not follow the instructions. One day, as shown by a dramatic scene of the film, a sniper reaches Dealer then it file at full speed in his car. Seriously injured, he must put an end to his career as a reporter.

Years after the siege, I went in Yugoslavia. Nobody, but absolutely nobody wanted to talk about these dark years. As if they had never existed.

Who wants to reminisce about the crisis of the COVID-19 if it lasts for several months and because of too many victims ?

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