As the tramp killing the WTO

Как Трамп убивает ВТО

What is happening in the world right now is very reminiscent of the classic phrase: I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you. Observed accelerating degradation of the basic international mechanisms, which form the Foundation of Western, or rather American world hegemony.

Once the collective West created them to expand influence on other countries and legitimize their own economic and political expansion. Today he destroys them.

An illustrative example is the situation around the world Trade Organization, created by leaders of the Western world as a recognized planetary such supranational arbitrator, the overseer in charge of the shopping process.

While Russia in the Organization was not included, it was considered something akin to a private gentlemen’s club with special benefits and discounts wide for her. When Russia membership card to gain managed, WTO made a rebranding and began to portray itself as something like the economic and trade UN.

Today, standards Organizations became highly disadvantageous to the U.S., but an effective early method of leaving the party is no longer working. When the club is composed of 159 countries out of 200 officially available, and another 25 have the status of observers, demonstrative tearing to shreds membership card in the actual trading rules there is little difference. But Donald trump still found a way around the mountain to ride, and sleigh to haul.

According to Der Spiegel, the White house for two years has blocked the process of selecting new members of the Appellate body of the WTO adjudicating claims for violation of international trade rules, and fines violators.

As a result, as of the expiration of the term of office, officers from the structure was eliminated, and are replaced by new ones are not appointed. Of the seven seats at full staff at the moment there are only three, of which two, the “contract ends” in the current month.

And that’s all. As soon as they gather their things, the body will completely lose functionality. And without it to consider claims in the WTO technically no one. Therefore, and feeding them does not make sense. Unless someone would be willing to expect a miracle sometime in the future.

Admittedly, this tramp was a good idea. Offer the opportunity to radically restructure US foreign trade exclusively for their own interests without the risk of immediately running into stiff penalties.

Of course, forever this cannot last. While there muddy the waters some United States, the mechanism is still some time coasting buzzing will continue. But the accumulation of those wishing to take advantage of a good situation in addition to Washington, the club membership will completely lose meaning. Will start Exodus, ultimately leading to the elimination of the WTO as an organization.

That, in fact, America should be. The world for which this tool was created, came to his exhaustion, and without him lost its necessity, and even became a hindrance, the mere tool.

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