As the winner of the Eurovision song contest for the 2018 and other international stars was filmed in Kiev

Как победительница  Евровидения-2018  и другие мировые звезды снимались в Киеве

As the winner of “Eurovision-2018” and other international stars was filmed in Kiev
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Photo: Instagram Barzilai. After winning the “Eurovision 2018” Netta decided to make a new video in Kiev

Netta Barzilai rents in the Ukrainian capital a new video.

The news that 25-year-old winner of “Eurovision-2018” Israel Netta Barzilai is located in Kiev appeared July 11. This was announced on his Facebook page Ukrainian PR Manager Arthur Sviranski.

He wrote that the singer is shooting a new clip for the movie was selected three locations: the Museum of history of Ukraine, the Park in Bucha and borshchagivka. All locations Netta was seen sitting on the couch. About why the singer has decided to shoot video in Kiev and how many days arrived the singer is still unknown.

I can assume that the net stayed in one of the most expensive Kiev hotels – PremierPalaceHotel. One of the assistants made a video of hotel and laid in his storis in Instagram. We know that the price for a hotel room starts from € 186 per night.

“KP in Ukraine” has decided to collect the top 5 clips of the world’s performers, who also starred in Kiev.


The British group almost every year, arrived in Kiev with solo concerts. In addition to performances, the musicians managed to remove the clips in the Ukrainian capital. For example, in 2015, shooting a video for the song Wingsпроходили Kiev hotels, as well as on the roof of BC “Parus”


In 2015, British musicians filmed a video for the song What Went Down in a vacant lot near Troyeshchina, and also on the Kiev sea.

Natalia Imbrulia

In 2005, Australian singer visited Kiev to shoot a video for his song Shiver. Shooting the video took place in the Museum of folk architecture and life in Pirogovo, the hem and Train station, where imbrulia, the plot of the clip, hiding from his pursuers.


Part of the filming of the video for the song Up&Up three days took place in Kiev, and one day in new York. Besides, the graphics for the video was drawn Dnipropetrovsk team Gloria FX.

Nothing But Thieves

British rock musicians also often visit Ukraine with concerts. His video for the song Amsterdam, Nothing But Thieves decided to shoot in Kiev. The filming took place on an abandoned tank factory.








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