As to the behavior of the teenager is influenced by the relationship with the father

Как на поведение подростка влияют отношения с отцом

Researchers from Oxford University stated that in families where fathers take an active part in the lives of children and diligently perform parental functions do not have problems with teenagers.

Everyone has long known that the transition to adulthood is the most difficult, as in the lives of children and parents. During this period, the child may be very stubborn, irritable, disobedient and doing everything contrary to adults. In adolescence between parents and children, there are more conflicts and scandals, which lead to more misunderstanding.

The experiment, which was attended by 6 of thousands of parents showed that children were more exemplary behavior in those families where the dads were pleased with the birth of a child and took a direct part in their upbringing.

However, scientists said that such research is necessary to deepen and to ask more respondents, as it is quite subjective. Parents may perceive their behavior is not as it’s actually happening.