As vocabulary and manner of speech betray a low self esteem

Как лексика и манера речи выдают низкую самооценку 

Uncertainty sooner or later becomes apparent. In school we are taught clearly defined speech, oratory and the ability to accurately Express thoughts. But not everyone is able to properly develop vocabulary and manner of speech. “The Rambler” found out what linguistic markers can give low self esteem.Sverhkategorijnye Harvard University conducted a survey of several groups, which included people of different nationalities. A scientific study showed that people on the fringes of any group are more likely to use words that emphasize their belonging to this group and reveals social status than those who was a key figure in these groups. The people occupying leading positions, had nothing to prove and demonstrate their involvement.Opravdyvaetsya technique that anyone can notice. There are the type of people who prefer to make excuses for no reason. Any phrase they can istolkovanie criticism or complaint. During a conversation, during times of uncertainty, they stand up on the defensive side and all the forces trying to defend themselves, subconsciously understanding that you will not be able to resolve this conflict.In advance to absolve themselves of OTVETSTVENNOSTYU conversation with a person with low self esteem, you may notice frequent use of the phrases “probably”, “seems”, “if I’m not mistaken”. They always refer to something that did not give the exact answer. Thus, uncertainty generates uncertainty in the speech and the desire to create a reliable rear for retreat.Proklamesanas is very simple: a person attributes their thoughts to the majority. To recognize low self-esteem can the phrase “most people think”, “many think”. First person is determined by attitude. Projection “I’m the majority” depends on the context. If you are able to make concrete the dialogue, it immediately becomes clear that your partner has in mind and whether his way of communicating with the projection.Derogatory vocabulary in their dressmy bright signal that in front of you is an insecure man — a derogatory way of communicating. The person is purposefully making fun of him and call a strongly. He does it in order that the interlocutors are unable to get ahead of him. People with low self-esteem is easier to pre-make fun of yourself and your shortcomings so others do not get such an opportunity. Derogatory language shows how people are unhappy with themselves.

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