“As your member of the family”: Zelensky walked through the city in a robe and boxers

"Как свой член семьи": Зеленский прошелся по ночному городу в халате и семейках

Vladimir Zelensky (photo: instagram.com/zelenskiy_official)

Fans Zelensky joked about when another actor was able to walk around town in shorts, shorts.

Most popular “servant of the people”, Ukrainian comedian Vladimir Zelensky continues to spoil its fans behind the scenes of filming his new brainchild – the Comedy “I, you, he, she is” classified as a romantic and family. One of the main roles of the film just plays Zelensky. On the court with him also working – the actor’s Studio “Quarter-95” Eugene Kosh, the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva, TV presenter and actress Nastya Short passes Styler.rbc.ua.

At the moment the team of the Studio “Kvartal 95” actively shooting a new film, which should appear on the big screens at the end of December 2018.

While the actors share vivid pictures with his fans and show how is the filming process.

"Как свой член семьи": Зеленский прошелся по ночному городу в халате и семейках

Vladimir Zelensky and Anastasia Short during filming the Comedy “I, you, he, she” (photo: instagram.com/zelenskiy_official)

So, Vladimir Zelensky on his instagram page recently published a series of photos with night photography. In the photo with him is his colleague Nastya is Short. The actor admitted that everybody is tired, but surveying needs to continue.

While Zelensky appeared in a very comical and worldly way: the gown, stretched t-shirt and my boxers. Actor shod in sneakers.

Nastya is Short also dressed at home in sweat pants, a t-shirt and sneakers.

“Night. Shooting. Everyone Is Tired. But in frame you need to smile. Work!” – signed a series of photos Zelensky.

Subscribers Zelensky had a little fun of his new image. Many good film-making process and admitted that they already really want to see something new.

“The wolf in the coat – it is almost like your family member. People, native people,” smiles podnebomodessy.

“And then I think the artists is the best profession! Of course, at home on the couch….” writes lukianets.inna.

“Zelensky, you are the most stylish, very fashionable image that suits you, and can be on the podium, a champion in every sense” – admires innafomenco.

“Oh! If there is still a Short, it’ll be fun!” notes voronova_irisa.

“When to walk, though the night, through the city and spend some time, as not on the set,” smiles vadimkladkovoi.

“Scoring a Bathrobe,” laughs veter1904.

The romantic Comedy tells of a simple-complicated family relationships. The main characters Maxim and Yana – have lived 10 years of marriage. However, the pair decided to divorce and try to find new happiness, but out of wedlock. Heroes their new relationship became Boris and Elena.

But fate throws Maxim and Yana month for reconciliation before they finally divorced. Wife first time in 10 years of marriage have a real scandal. And suddenly the couple realizes that if they had arranged such a reprimand, then maybe everyone in their family life would have been different.

We will note, earlier it was announced the following castes main actors: Vladimir Zelensky and Eugene Mishka, Nadia Dorofeeva and Lithuanian actress Agne will Gradite. But now on the set instead of Agne is removed Nastya is Short.

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