Asharq Al Awsat: the President of Russia – the guest of Riyadh

Asharq Al Awsat: президент России - гость Эр-Рияда

Since the last visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Riyadh 12 years. It was the beginning of a serious rapprochement between the Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia. This process covers many areas and have demonstrated a strong desire on both sides to develop a multidimensional partnership. Special attention deserves the close cooperation in the energy field, the success of which was apparent in 2015 during the first visit of the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to Russia. The result was a stable oil prices that meet the interests of producers and consumers, as well as the continued promotion of economic development plans.Two years ago, a significant event was the visit Saudi king Salman in Russian Federation. It has strengthened bilateral relations, as evidenced by the number of agreements on economic and military cooperation and rapprochement of the parties ‘ positions regarding the most important political dossiers in the middle East, who care not only Riyadh and Moscow, but also the whole world.On the eve of the visit of the Russian President gave an interview in which he spoke about the historical relations between the two countries and their multifaceted cooperation, the development of which is observed in all directions. He also mentioned the warm relationship with king Salman and crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, a serious attack on the objects of the company Saudi Aramco. According to him, Moscow is waiting for the results of the investigation, but condemns such actions regardless of who is behind them. In an interview, President Putin paid great attention to successes in the field of economic cooperation between the two countries.Saudi Arabia is a major economic power, and the authorities engaged in the creation of her new image in accordance with the concept of “Vision 2030”. The Russian leader understands that since the beginning of the third Millennium, Riyadh was left expectant and turned into a proactive state that is involved in a fierce confrontation with terrorism and extremism and strongly rejects the destabilizing role of Iran in the region.In response to the call of the legitimate Yemeni authorities and the requirements of international conventions Saudi Arabia has rushed to support the Yemeni people and to use force to ensure the safety of Maritime navigation and thus to stabilize the world economy.The Russian President is well known that Riyadh, which supports the Beirut initiative “land for peace” and the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, firmly adheres to the need to continue the political settlement of the Syrian crisis to preserve the unity of Syria according to the results of the Geneva talks and UN security Council resolution 2254. In this regard, each party interested in finding solutions to regional problems must take into account the opinion of Saudi Arabia, influential country that leads the region to a sustainable stability.Given all this, it’s safe to say that the leaders of Russia and Saudi Arabia will discuss many strategic issues, because Moscow is the most influential player in Syria, aided by the steady reduction of the U.S. role, the small weight of European players in the region, as well as close relations with Iran and Turkey.While all the obvious destabilizing role of Tehran in the region and especially in the Persian Gulf, where any danger is threatening the stability of the world economy. In today’s fast developing events indicate the desire of Ankara to establish control over the Syrian North and to create conditions for provoking hostilities between Arabs and Kurds!Putin’s visit to Saudi Arabia is an important event. As expected, the two sides will sign a number of agreements in the economic field, which will affect all industries. They also discuss in detail the regional issues of interest to Saudi Arabia. Of course, Riyadh the ability of Moscow to overcome many difficulties, to accelerate the development of economic cooperation, and to continue the search for real solutions that affect the interests of Saudi Arabia, Russia and all other countries wishing to restore security and stability in the region.

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