Asharq Al-Awsat: Turkey’s actions will lead to new wars in the region

Asharq Al-Awsat: действия Турции приведут к новым войнам в регионе

The escalation of tensions between the government in Tripoli and the armed forces field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot (Khalifa Hafter) coincided with a toughening of rhetoric from the regional powers directly or indirectly involved with the Libyan crisis. One of such countries is Turkey, which expressed willingness to deploy Turkish troops from Northern Cyprus to Libya.In addition, Turkish authorities again threatened to close the American military base in Incirlik and Karadzic in response to anti-sanctions from Washington. Thus, according to most experts, tensions between Turkey and other regional countries could turn into a direct confrontation, which contributes not only to the aggravation of the Libyan crisis and the emergence of new crises and conflicts in the middle East.The Secretary of defense mark Esper (Mark Esper) commented on the threats by Turkey to close the American military bases in response to the imposition of sanctions. He said that he needed to confer with his Turkish counterpart, to find out the seriousness of the Turkish authorities, as Washington does not want to increase the already existing tensions between the two countries. It should be noted that the administration of U.S. President Donald trump takes a strong stand, while continuing to reject the resolution of the Senate of the United States against Turkey. Today the U.S. Senate failed to get the required two-thirds majority of the votes to overcome a presidential veto that trump intends to use if necessary.Press Secretary of the Ministry of defence of the USA Colonel Carla Gleason (Carla Gleason) said that the us military is aware of the intentions of the Turkish leader and is closely monitoring further developments. In an interview with “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” she stressed that American troops are on the Turkish bases, including Incirlik air base, with the permission of the Turkish government. Therefore, Americans see the status of their forces in Turkey as a symbol of their long-term commitment to cooperation and the protection of their NATO ally and strategic partner.According to many experts, the decision to close two military bases have a negative impact on “Turkey and not the United States” because Washington has recently hinted at the possibility of placing American military bases in Greece, Jordan or Kuwait.It is impossible to ignore another aspect concerning the situation in the region. The growing tension between the conflicting parties in Libya have provoked the signing of the agreement on cooperation in the sphere of security and Memorandum of understanding on the delimitation of the Maritime boundaries between Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the national consensus Government of Libya led by Faiz al-Sarraj (Faiz as-Sarraj).According to some experts, the aforementioned agreements were concluded in order to justify the legitimacy of a Turkish presence in Libya, which wants to protect its interests in the Mediterranean from regional States, including Egypt, Greece, Cyprus and Israel. In addition, the Turkish authorities intend to invest in oil and gas production in the region.It seems that Erdogan is trying to destabilize the region to achieve their goals, despite tensions with other regional players. However, he has to coordinate with other interested parties, including Russia, which directly intervenes in the Libyan crisis through mercenaries.According to Barak Barfi (Barfi Barak), a fellow at the Washington Institute for near East policy, any attempt by Turkey to violate the water borders of Cyprus is likely to be met with strong condemnation from the international community. He also noted that Turkey’s foreign policy in recent years is directly related to internal problems of the country, especially economically, so Erdogan is always ready to take attention of the Turks from the real social problems to external problems.A few days ago the commander of the Libyan national army, field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced the start of a decisive battle for Tripoli, calling it a direct response to Turkey’s plans, because he really feared that Erdogan sent Turkish troops and weapons to Libya, if not stopped. The growing tension between the conflicting parties in Libya raises fears that Libya will become an arena for geopolitical information accounts.Some experts believe that Russia’s intervention will be a key factor that a game changer in Libya. However, we must not forget about other important factors contributing to curb Russian ambitions for dominance in Libya and neighbouring countries, especially in light of the vague position of the United States. On the one hand US Secretary of state Mike Pompeo asked Russia to exert pressure on field Marshal Khalifa the Haftarot, so he stopped the attack on Tripoli, and on the other hand, US President, Donald trump has supported the advance of the Haftarot on the Libyan capital.Former U.S. special envoy to Libya Jonathan Weiner (Jonothan Weiner) told told “Al-Sharq al-Awsat” that Americans have always sought to build a world with democratic political systems, so the policy of the administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is little that is different from the policy of his predecessors.In addition, the Pentagon is afraid that the forces of the Haftarot can enter Tripoli and overthrow recognized by the international community, the Government of national consent. According to him, the army of the Haftarah uses a new tactic, trying to block the supply routes of Misrata, which continues to support the government of Faiz al-Saraja.Jonathan Weiner questioned the ability of the Haftarot army to enter Tripoli, saying that the Libyan crisis cannot be resolved through the intervention of third parties, and that the Libyans will have to pay a higher price for any action. According to him, there is no military solution to the conflict in the country, and the civil war in Libya may become more fierce than in Syria.The confusion in understanding the American position adds the fact that in the city of Misurata are from 20 to 30 thousand soldiers, who were trained by American instructors to fight ISIS (banned in Russia — approx. ed.). It is important to note that Misurata is a key city for Turkey, through which it provides military assistance groups, government-controlled Al-Saraja.News portal “al-Marsad” (Al Marsad) published in the summer of information that Ukrainian planes flying between Turkey and Libya and transported weapons and military equipment of Turkey for the government of Faiz al-Saraja. The publication was supported by photographs of the destroyed Turkish armored vehicles, which Ankara has deployed to Tripoli to aid groups who are on the side of the national consensus Government.

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