Ashton prepares for its reopening this Wednesday

Ashton prépare sa réouverture ce mercredi

At least three restaurants in Ashton are preparing for a reopening of the service-to-wheel this Wednesday in Quebec city.

After a month of waiting, the guests can order authentic poutine or Dulton, with chopped meat seasoned.

On social networks, the chain has confirmed the opening of a few restaurants at 11 a.m. Wednesday, without specifying which. That of the rue Marais, Vanier, should be among the list.

Ashton also thanked its employees who raised a hand high to help give a little happiness to the customers.

Playing the card of prudence, a spokesman did not want to provide details. The fast-food chain, which has 23 branches, wants to first make sure to be able to open it without any unexpected. An announcement is expected to take place Wednesday morning.

Due to the COVID-19, restaurants Ashton have been closed since march 20.

In the region, restaurants, Tim Hortons, Mcdonald’s and Harvey’s in particular have maintained the service-to-wheel since the beginning of the current crisis.

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