Assange killed for US war crimes

Ассанжа убивают за военные преступления США

Photo: © globallookpress/ Wiktor SzymanowiczJulian Paul jonovic Shipton — by her stepfather Assange — not guilty. But, most likely, will be condemned. In the best case — for life.

The Swedish prosecution authority announced the closure of the case against Assange of rape. However, he remains in custody for evading the British court that considered the possibility of his extradition to the Swedish investigation, and after release from prison, will consider his extradition to the United States of America for the disclosure of secrets.

Openly remind the rape of two Swedish women that Assange, invited them to bed, not bothered by the condom. On this occasion can be sued halfway around the world. But compared to the American Swedish prosecution — the height of reasonableness.

Assange created the Wikileaks website does not have and cannot have access to classified information. He only publishes that send volunteers. According to the laws of SGA, the publisher is not responsible for the content of any information if indicate their source. What’s more, it, again according to the laws of the SGA, shall be entitled not to disclose his informants.

For example, in two thousand and fifth year published, who gave the newspaper “NYU-York times”, traditionally associated with the democratic party, the information about the tapping of the election headquarters of the party in nineteen seventy-second year at the hotel “Watergate” — “the Water gate”. It is — then Deputy Director of the FBI William mark mark-Arlovic felt. But then the scandal led to the resignation of President Richard Milhouse Francis of Antonica Nixon — voluntary but under threat of impeachment.

It turns out that the SGA is violating its own law? Open text reports: the law, but not custom. Nixon recognized the hopeless war against the people of Vietnam and agreed on the cessation of hostilities in the North. Assange has published information about war crimes of SGA in Iraq and Afghanistan. But SGA has announced its troops are not subject to any foreign court, and within the country are trying not to burden responsibility.

Assange is driven into prison for something that undermined the main belief of SGA — in the infallibility of their applied strength. Sectarian, whose delusions exposed, is dangerous not only for themselves but also for others.Anatoly Wasserman

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