Assault weapon in a bar in Charlesbourg

Agression à l’arme blanche dans un bar de Charlesbourg

Kathleen Frenette

A man of 39 years has been the victim of an assault weapon in a bar in the sector Charlesbourg, late Thursday night. The individual was stabbed in the upper body, but police say they do not fear for his life.

The assault took place to 0.35 Bar 447, located on the 4th Avenue East, Charlesbourg.

According to the SPVQ, the victim was stabbed by another customer, a man of 22 years, in the interior of the establishment. The motive of the assault is not known for the moment.

Man of 39 years had injuries to the upper body and was taken care of by the paramedics. He was immediately transported to a hospital and there was concern not for his life, according to David Poitras, a spokesperson for the police service.

Controlled by customers

The attacker was overpowered by other customers of the establishment before the police arrived. He was arrested inside the flow of drinks.

He is still detained and is scheduled to appear today at the palace of Justice of Quebec.

Investigators, forensic identification services were called to the scene to determine the circumstances of the assault.

Inmate, Daniel Rhéault Fortin has appeared in the palace of Justice of Quebec to be accused, among other things, assault armed.

Not evening for the reopening

The assault occurred just hours after the government announced the reopening of the bars of the province.

It was not, however, the night of the reopening of the Bar 447, according to our information, the establishment that started welcoming guests earlier this week.

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