FOOTBALL To punish the excesses of some of its supporters, the Saint-Etienne team receives six penalty points, three of which are suspended and six games behind closed doors including two suspended sentences

ASSE: The Greens sanctioned with three points and four games closed behind closed doors after the incidents against the 'AJ Auxerre

Saint-Etienne supporters invade the pitch after ASSE's defeat against AJ Auxerre on May 29, 2022. Jean-Philippe Ksiazek — AFP

Six penalty points, three of which are suspended, applicable to the 2022-2023 season. And six games away. behind closed doors at the Geoffroy-Guichard stadium, two of which were suspended. The leaders of ASSE had been waiting for the sanctions since the end of the match between the Greens and AJ Auxerre, which saw the defeat of the Stéphanois, synonymous with demotion in Ligue 2.

But beyond of a defeat fraught with consequences, it’s the attitude of some supporters who invaded the field to engage in a battle of smoke bombs which was judged this Thursday evening by the disciplinary committee of the LFP. It’s therefore a big sanction that fell against AS Saint-Etienne after the huge overflows of this barrage. That's it! which does not help the affairs of the Forez club, which will already have strong to to try to find the elite as soon as possible.

In a release; published as of Thursday evening, ASSE announces « have decided not to appeal the decision, having regard to; the nature of the incriminated acts ». The three-point, two-game reprieve. behind closed doors this time encourage the ultras of Saint-Etienne to to hold on to tile to; their return to the Cauldron? This will be one of the major challenges of the new Saint-Etienne season with Laurent Batlles on the bench.