Assets Zelensky

Активы Зеленского

Vladimir Zelensky 2 asset: a rating and a large fraction of the “Servants of the people”. The impact on these assets deprives him of subjectivity: what to negotiate with a weak President who cannot make the law or to ratify the international Treaty?Everything else is not his: Western creditors took control of the Cabinet; the interior Ministry remained Avakov; the SBU and the army people Poroshenko; the attorney General is weak and corrupt; there is no economic basis; an extensive network of the party “servant of the people” – as in “Batkivshchyna”, either.So how to convince the leaders of Germany, France and Russia to meet with Vladimir Zelensky 15 Nov, now every day there are scandals with the faction “people’s Servants” and a plum of dirt. Because the leaders of Germany, France and Russia can give the resources and instruments of influence to provide independent subjectivity Vladimir Zelensky:* Igor Kolomoisky could explode at home or his plane shot down, and the Empire of the oligarch to crumble and come to bow – no problem for the security services of France and Russia;* Russia may start supplying gas, autogas and diesel fuel, to continue the transit without conditions in expectation of future settlement;* France and Germany can lobby for extra EU support package for Ukraine – to solve the problem of the budget deficit.* Viktor Medvedchuk will divert the attention of the nationalists, attacking now Vladimir Zelensky (e.g. start to collect signatures for a referendum on NATO/EU and territorial fate of the Crimea and the Donbass (as the UN held a referendum on the Annan Cyprus and the Greek part refused to integrate back Turkish);* Russian TV channels, TV pool Medvedchuk and “understand where the wind blows” Firtash (inter) with Akhmetov (“Ukraine” and Savik Shuster) will help to keep the rating Zelensky and to keep the majority during the elections to the Verkhovna Rada in 2020.rusukrbel

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