Assia Akhat told how to harvest tomatoes in November

Ассия Ахат рассказала, как собирает урожай помидор в ноябре

“We are in the garden having a little magic! Unexpectedly for me, ripe tomatoes. In November! And yet, judging by the growing greens will harvest before the New year. Asked — grade Indigo — purple-black. Sweet. These are simple little joys!”, she wrote under the photo.

Ассия Ахат рассказала, как собирает урожай помидор в ноябре

Fans immediately commented on the post: “Incredible beauty”, “Expensive”, “Buy”, “Pretty woman.”

By the way, tomato-Indigo obtained in the result of long experience in the cultivation of new varieties with useful culinary and medicinal properties. Dark purple or blueberry color tomatoes gives anthocyanin. This pigment is a natural cure. It improves the functioning of brain and heart, neutralizes cholesterol plaques, strengthens the immune system and blood vessels, prevents the development of infection in the body. It also improves vision, normalizes blood pressure, reduces swelling and has a rejuvenating effect.

Note that for page by Asiya Ahat in Instagram see 45, 8 thousand fans. Star often indulges subscribers interesting posts and stories from his life.

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