Assistance of$ 30 Million from the federal government for the radio and television broadcasters

Une aide de 30 M$ du fédéral pour les radiodiffuseurs et télédiffuseurs

The Trudeau government will pay the license fees that broadcasters and broadcasters had to pay by the end of April, allowing them to save approximately $30 million.

The minister for Heritage Steven Guilbeault made the announcement on Twitter on Monday in the end of the day.

Thus, the rights of the license due to the Board of the canadian broadcasting and telecommunications for 2020-2021 will be covered by Ottawa.

“The exemption to pay these regulatory fees provides relief for immediate financial to the broadcasting industry, thereby freeing more than $ 30 million in cash,” said canadian Heritage by issuing a press release on Monday.

Due to the pandemic, the media find themselves pulling double duty to cover the crisis across the country, while observing a drastic fall in their advertising revenues, due to the economic downturn caused by the containment measures, explained Steven Guilbeault cited to justify the action taken by his ministry.

“The decision to waive the statutory royalties is something that we could take quickly. We are looking at other measures to support the industry,” he added in a press release.

In total, 107 broadcasters will benefit from this measure.

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