Assistance to businesses is wait in Ottawa

L’aide aux entreprises se fait attendre à Ottawa

Announced by Justin Trudeau now there is a month, the loan guarantee of$ 40,000 to help SMES through the crisis, is still waiting.

The conservative mp and lieutenant du Québec Alain Rayes implore the federal government to provide the missing information to the financial institutions responsible for issuing cheques.

“For the past month, questions are raised. […] Financial institutions expect the details to know whether the companies are eligible or not,” says Mr. Rayes.

However, on Wednesday, the mp spoke in the House of commons to call out the liberals on this subject.

“The minister [Jean-Yves] Duclos, [president of the Treasury Board], stands up, excited, telling me: “Mr. congressman you are going to be happy, Friday, everything is going to be available.””

The next day, on Twitter, the minister of Finance Bill Morneau contradicted his colleague and indicated that this would actually be not available on Friday.

“Businesses are finding it extremely difficult. It is now in full economic recovery, with the déconfinement, that they need the money-there”, says Alain Rayes.

The latter fears that many companies may be forced to close if they do not have the aid promised by Ottawa. Some SMES have already announced they are closing or are already outright closed because of financial difficulties created.

The government had also promised to help the entrepreneurs who do not have a business account. The silence persists as well on this measure announced by Ottawa.

“Same thing at the level of the rent assistance that does not work at all in this moment, at the level of the wage subsidy to enterprises. Even if there is a strong incentive of 75% of the grant, the paperwork is so cumbersome and [there is a] conflict with the PCU”, critical Mr. Rayes.

Programs that were interesting, he says however.

“It is not against the principle, but still needs to be adapted. It’s been more than three months [that] these people are trying to save jobs, trying to save their business,” he said.

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