Aston Martin has unveiled the bike for 108 thousand euros

Aston Martin представила мотоцикл за 108 тысяч евро

The circulation of the motorcycle limit 100 copies, and its price of $ 108 000.

The style of the Aston Martin AMB 001 inspired by a mid-line of the British brand, which includes Valkyrie and Valhalla. The basis of the bike chassis is made of aluminum and titanium, connected by bolts with the engine and subframe out of carbon fiber. The external panel also made of composite material and part of the power structure. Feature of motorcycle — plug Foir with separate levers to control and cushioning, the pendulum with progressive damping characteristics and the small wings stainless steel “nose” and the fuel tank, as in “Valkyrie”.

Plug design Fior, which is called the BMW Duolever, reduces the peck with a sharp deceleration and to maintain the geometry. Brakes — race ball bearing with radial master cylinder. AMB 001 is equipped with a Brough Superior engine with a turbocharger. Its working volume — 997 cm3, and power — about 180 HP.

The motor is equipped with a water and oil cooled, dry sump, turbocharger with variable geometry of the impeller and the intake manifold of Inconel. Couple he is a 6-speed gearbox with slipper clutch.

For Aston Martin the search for new areas of business has become the norm. In 2016, the British brand has teamed up with the Dutch shipyard Quintessence Yachts to build luxury boats AM37, and in 2017, together with the American company Triton Submarines built concept submersibles Project Neptune.

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