Astrological forecast Vasilisa Volodya in the second half of may ( 14-31 may 2018)

Астрологический прогноз Василисы Володиной на вторую половину мая ( 14-31 мая 2018 года)

The beginning of a new amazing period

Vasilisa Volodina everything in detail and interesting story. Very handy when the forecast was given at an important period with its beginning. It already feels like something is changing.

The fact is that the mysterious Uranium will change sign and go in the sign of Taurus. All the Uranium will pass into the sign of Taurus until next year, and the period of transition is considered to be really special and amazing period.

Now almost all of us will be able to improve, fix and steer your financial situation. Much of what you do now will later bear fruit.

During this period, it is important to carefully plan your steps in the financial plan, are now very useful are any of the visualizations, making wishes in terms of the material scope.

Don’t miss your chance. Now imagine in detail how you want to live the next seven years. Set the direction vector to the influence of Uranus in your life.

Also, now should not delay the decision any conflicts. If you are with someone you are at odds-it is best either to completely break up with that person, or to make peace and let go of their grievances.

Otherwise your energy required for the flow of finances dissipate wasted. It is important during this period to avoid debt-how to give and take.

What qualities are important to show in the second half of may? It is important to be creative, sociable, able to compromise and to catch the wave.

See more interesting information about the second half of may 2018 from Vasilisa Volodya in the video:

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