Astrological guidance for each sign of the Zodiac for 7 days, from 9 to 15 April

Астрологическое наставление каждому знаку Зодиака на 7 дней, с 9 по 15 апреля

Week 9 to 15 April 2018 promises to be quite positive. Many will feel the rush of vitality and energy.

Everyone will be able not only to work productively, but also to gain strength and relax. But still some will wait for certain pitfalls and minor troubles.

But with proper planning and distribution of its forces be able to avoid almost all of them.

Astrologers recommend the first half of the week to devote to addressing the financial and material issues. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for these purposes will be more prosperous days. But Thursday promises to be romantic — in the air and will hover the spirit of love. So this is the best day for a date. Weekends are perfect for art classes. But try to spend that time with friends or family. Create some creative masterpiece together. It can also be helpful and active rest on the weekend.

And you should pay attention separately to each sign of the Zodiac, you can learn from this horoscope


Week will be difficult but very successful


The week will present great prospects and opportunities


You have to work hard


Learn how to prioritize


Optimism and equanimity does not leave the representatives of this sign


Success in personal life and at work assured if you make the effort


You will feel the rush of vivacity and energy


The second half of the week will be extremely beneficial to all representatives of this sign


Do not rush in making important decisions


Try to avoid the risk


The week will be very interesting


Don’t panic

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