Astronomers have suggested that Venus is inhabited

Астрономы предположили, что Венера обитаема

Experts from the American space Agency NASA, suggested that Venus could be the first planet in our Solar system. Moreover, scientists do not exclude that some microorganisms could survive on its surface so far, despite the extremely inhospitable, by earthly standards, conditions.

According to many experts, Venus is one of the three planets (along with Earth and Mars), which one could be the conditions for life, as they are all at the proper distance from the Sun. Moreover, Venus and Earth were formed under similar conditions, have approximately the same volume and density, and even resemble each other in composition. However, the Land was inhabited and prosperous planet, while Venus is a ball of incandescent 462 degrees, the surface of which there is almost no water, and the atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide and nitrogen. There’s no scientific consensus as to why the fates of two planets have evolved so differently, but almost all serious experts agree that the chances of habitability tend to zero.

Experts admit that Venus is much less habitable planet than Earth, Mars and some satellites of the gas giants. At the same time, experts note that hundreds of millions of years ago conditions on the second planet from the Sun was much milder and then the life on it could well have arisen. If after that, she evolved, the new organisms could adapt to the unusual conditions — examples of these can be found on Earth.

The main evidence in favor of the fact that living organisms on Venus can be the authors of new papers are called dark spots, rich in sulfur, recurring for several days, and during this time changing its shape. Scientists do not exclude that part of such spots can consist of a Venusian analogue terrestrial unicellular algae, although with modern equipment, allegedly to test this hypothesis quite difficult.

The study was published in the journal Astrobiology.


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