Astroprognoz Vasilisa Volodya for a week from 16 to 22 April 2018!

Астропрогноз Василисы Володиной на неделю с 16 по 22 апреля 2018 года!

Week new hopes!

This week will bring a wave of new plans that are favorable for any new ventures and achievements. Everything new will be obtained.

And the thing that combines the two astrological factors-the beginning of a new lunar month and finally the end of mercury retrograde and its movement in the forward direction.

Many “hanging” problems and frozen situation will come to its conclusion and resolution. If you put a little extra effort, it is definitely in your favor.

A huge thank you, Vasilisa, week very interesting. Have long been waiting to get my problem moved from a dead point. I hope that I will move, I have reason to believe your prediction.

I love these weekly forecasts from Vasilisa, she will always help and advise, I help you to understand my plans and often can understand the cause of turmoil, and large problems can be prevented thanks to You.

Thank you so much for these weekly videos. Always on time and so everything is clear, Vasilisa. I am not an astrologer and do not particularly understand, but thanks to You all becomes very clear.

Vasilisa-you look very well. This trendy color of the blazer suits you perfectly. Very your color.

And, of course, congratulations to you, our beloved Vasilisa Volodina happy Birthday! Raduyte us further with their wonderful predictions.

I your predictions will simply adore, check always to make the most of the coming week.

In the video watch the astrological forecast for a week from 16th to 22nd April from Vasilisa Volodya:


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