Asylum requests: how the executive hopes to “ease the pressure” in Ile-de-France

    Asylum requests: how the executive hopes to “ease the pressure” in Ile-de-France

    After the controversy over Place de la République, the government wants to show that it is looking for a political response to the migratory tension. Marlène Schiappa, Minister Delegate for Citizenship, announced on Friday the establishment of a new reception plan for asylum seekers from January 2021 with the aim of “relieving the pressure” in Ile-de-France.

    “In Ile-de-France, around 45% of the asylum request is polarized and yet only 19% of the accommodation is available and therefore camps are organized regularly”, indicated Marlène Schiappa , during a trip to a reception center for asylum seekers in Livry-Gargan (Seine-Saint-Denis).

    Territorial rebalancing

    An important camp, which had been set up in Saint-Denis since the summer, was dismantled in November, a few days before a new very muscular evacuation by the police of tents of migrants installed on the Place de la République.

    With this new national reception plan, “asylum seekers who come from regions in tension will be able to be referred to regions in which there will be places available”, as soon as their asylum application is registered.

    This new system will make it possible to achieve “a significant territorial rebalancing of the handling of asylum requests”. The objective is to “gradually” orient around 2,500 asylum seekers from the Paris region to other regions, according to the Ministry of the Interior.

    4,500 additional places in 2021

    In addition, a coordination unit on the management of these camps in the Paris region will be launched “from the third week of January” responding to a request from associations, said Claude d’Harcourt, director general of foreigners in France, present. alongside Marlène Schiappa.

    The 4,500 additional accommodation places, announced in September, will be created in 2021 “outside Ile-de-France to ease the pressure” and ensure “a better distribution” in France.

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    From January, around 1,500 places will also be dedicated to the voluntary return system, “so as not to leave unsuccessful people in the territory” unsuccessful people.

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