Asylum seekers: Couillard made the lesson Legault

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    Marc-André Gagnon

    Saturday, 12 August 2017 12:04

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    LENNOXVILLE-when he had to go to the end of the logic of François Legault, it would be necessary to “build a wall” to the canada-u.s. border in order to expel the asylum seekers, thought to be the prime minister Philippe Couillard.

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    After you have made the point on the situation late Friday night by posting on his page Facebook – an experience that he intends to repeat more often, Mr. Couillard, is taken directly to the head of the Coalition avenir Quebec Saturday morning, on the sidelines of the 35th Congress-Young people in its training policy, which began in Lennoxville.

    “If we go to the end of its logic […] we are going to make a wall! Is it not, Mr. Legault? And then we are going to pay for it by Haiti, why not! At a given moment, you must remain calm. It is necessary to exercise his sense of responsibility”, said the prime minister.

    The liberal leader wants in particular to Mr. Legault have compared the border between Quebec and the United States to a “strainer”, which is wrong,” said Mr. Couillard, since, as a rule, practically a political refugee in two sees his / her asylum application denied.

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    Even if he believes that it is necessary now to correct the message sent to those who cross illegally the border, “nobody can prevent anyone to cross,” said Mr. Couillard.

    Mr. Couillard, however, has refrained from throwing the stone to the prime minister Justin Trudeau or the mayor of Montréal, Denis Coderre, who, these last days have multiplied the signs of openness and hospitality to the place of the political refugees from haiti.

    “I am confident that Mr. Trudeau also holds to the rigorous application of the rule of law,” said Mr. Couillard.

    “Talk to strangers”

    Without sparing the opposition pq’s Jean-François Lisée, the liberal leader liberal has also accused Mr. Legault “to appeal to the fear of the people”.

    He accused the opposition parties of “speaking foreign” to avoid having to discuss the balance sheet of his government in matters of public finance, economy and employment, which he considers positive.

    In turn, the president of the treasury Board, Pierre Moreau, was assured that there was no need to worry about the expenditures caused by the massive arrival of asylum seekers at the border.

    “Taxpayers who are concerned about the cost, I have to say that Quebec assumes the costs associated with a humanitarian situation of temporary accommodation, but that these costs, in any way, may result in a charge that Quebec is not in a position to assume.”


    The entourage of François Legault has not been slow to respond to attacks on the liberal leader. “Philippe Couillard once again played to the donor of lessons. Liberals have to stop to despise those who consider that the government should discourage the migrants to pass illegally the border,” said the director of media relations the CAQ, Guillaume Simard-Leduc.

    The latter also stated that he has never been the question, for Mr. Legault, returning migrants at the border.

    “The only wall that exists is the wall between a prime minister and the legitimate concerns of its people,” added Mr. Simard-Leduc.

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