At 101 years of age, he survives the COVID-19

À 101 ans, il survit à la COVID-19

RIMINI | Italian 101-year-old has been given permission to get out of the hospital last Thursday, has recovered from COVID-19.

The man, named “Mr. P.” by Gloria Lisi, deputy-mayor of Rimini, in the north-east of Italy, had been hospitalized two weeks ago.

“Her family took her back home [on march 26]. It teaches us that even at 101 years of age, the future is not mapped”, she stated to a local newspaper in Rimini Today.

His rapid healing has been described as “truly extraordinary” by the politician, who sees “hope for the future.”

The man was born in 1919, in full Spanish flu pandemic, which has between 20 and 50 million people died.

Italy, european country most affected by the current pandemic of COVID-19, was comprised of Monday morning, 97 689 cases recorded for 10 779 deaths.

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