At 96 years old, she is forced to move into a new CHSLD

À 96 ans, elle est forcée de déménager dans un nouveau CHSLD

In the midst of a crisis health and with only 24 hours notice, a family deeply regrets having been forced to move his mother, 96 years of age in a new residence for the elderly.

“It is all confined, how they are able to transfer people like that?” rebels France Buteau. Tuesday afternoon, the latter has learned via his voicemail that his mother had a place available in a new ltc facility, and that the latter had only 24 hours to take it otherwise it’s lost.

“It is knocked down, I with a heavy heart just thinking about it,” said France Buteau with emotion. A few weeks ago, the speaker of the CLSC’s and the family had agreed that Ms. Buteau, 96 years old, had to eventually be transferred to a new residence that offers more services.

Ms. Buteau has for some time difficult to get up and must have help. “She has the head”, would, however, say her daughter. Since the condition of Ms. Buteau is stable for several months and because of the rules of containment of the houses for elders, the family believed that stakeholders would have the wisdom to delay the transfer.

24 hours notice

However, the announcement of a move at 24 hours notice had the effect of a bomb in the family. “It is so not time for him to assimilate all that,” said France Buteau.

“The mechanism [of the transfers] has not changed since the crisis is like before the Covid,” responded the owner of the residence, The Contemporary of the district Châtels, Martin Pouliot. He claims even to have welcomed new residents from the containment.

The Newspaper went to the private residence over the noon hour yesterday, at the time when France and her sister moved their mother, only a few minutes after he learned the news. “She’s crying what is it that you want,” responded France.

His sister was visibly angered by the situation, “This is crazy”, she said entering with her mother in the suitable transport. “As much as I could be contaminated that my mother might be infected,” explained France.

The family would like to say that she is happy to be the new destination for their mother, who will now be in Ste-Foy. It does not, however, the precipitation in a time of crisis. “It is the timing and the limited time they give us”.

“This is inhuman and stupid,” says the spouse of France. “We hope that there will be no sequel to it all,” was completed in France before going to install his mother.

Transfers are “suspended”

The cabinet of the minister responsible for Seniors, it reiterates that “transferring people between NURSING homes were suspended across the province of Quebec”. However, there may be exceptions, and the press attaché of Marguerite Blais indicates that they defer “clinical judgement”.

The CIUSSS of the National Capital one responds that it frames the residences, but that they have their own method of admission.


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