At a rock festival near Dnepropetrovsk collapsed the roof, killing the party

На рок-фестивале под Днепропетровском рухнула крыша: погиб участник

Music rock festival Kozak Fest at the village Avtoelektrika Dnipropetrovsk region on Sunday there was a roof collapse. Design could not resist the strong winds, reported in the regional emergency situations of Ukraine.

In the area of concerts developed adverse weather conditions: the region was hit by a hurricane. Was heavy rain with thunderstorm and gusty winds. One of the gusts blew off the roof, partially dropping it on the stage and standing next to the car.
As a result of incident one person was killed. Two other people were injured: one woman received a broken leg, and the man had a broken foot.
Arrived on the scene, emergency personnel rescued 135 people pulled from the rubble of 53 cars. The organizers of the festival canceled all scheduled for the Sunday of the event.

Musician Dmitry Shurov in his Instagram wrote that after the incident, people have begun to leave the festival, and apart from the roof the wind started to fell trees.