At Apple, the search of the bags must be on time to work

Chez Apple, la fouille des sacs doit se faire sur le temps de travail

The supreme Court of California has ruled, Thursday, that if Apple wanted to rummage through the personal effects of its employees to prevent theft, the firm had to do so on their work time and therefore paid in this respect.

This decision means that Apple will have to pay millions of dollars to some 12,000 people paid by the hour in its stores in california are affected by this procedure of searching of bags and electronic devices.

According to the documents submitted to the court, the employees of Apple are to report to the time clock to the end of their service prior to this excavation, which can take five to twenty minutes.

Some days of peak demand, this process can still achieve up to 45 minutes, according to employees.

In the first instance, the magistrates had ruled in favor of Apple, considering that the wait time for these excavations to the output could not be equated with “working time” according to the california law.

As to the employees who do not want to bend to the excavations, they expose themselves to disciplinary sanctions, even dismissal, Apple is arguing that they always have the freedom to come to work without a bag and without iPhone if they want to avoid the search.

The supreme Court swept this argument by pointing out “the irony and inconsistency” of the manufacturer of mobile phones. These devices “are now such a part and parcel of our daily lives that the famous visitor from Mars might conclude that they are an essential element of the human anatomy,” write the judges.

Asked by AFP, the leaders of Apple had not responded Thursday to the mid-day.

In 2018 already, the supreme Court of California had held that the employees of the chain Starbucks had to be compensated for the time spent to close their store, the process including the steps very coded can last for several minutes after the end of the service.