At Ford knew about the problems with the gearbox

В компании Ford знали о проблемах с коробкой передач

About the problems with the gearbox PowerShift from Ford has long been known.

Many were even able to experience it for yourself.

And that’s one of the sources of shared information that the American automaker knew about the difficulties, but still chose to use this variant of the transmission.

Recall that this transmission be installed at the beginning of the fiestas since 2011, and for cars of the third generation Focus in 2012.

Before launching these machines in serial production, some engineers were saying that in the future can be difficult, but Ford was determined to bring the cars to market.

Most often, the problem lies in the fact that the car suddenly goes into neutral and refuses to proceed.

With such a fault has been encountered thousands of people around the world. The difficulty lies in the fact that parts and repairs are very expensive. After publication of The Detroit Free Press about what the company knew about the problems, it was filed 13 claims.

A little later, Ford has offered a compensation in a total amount of 35 million dollars. However, the case is still pending, as this version is considered very beneficial for the automaker.

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