At his trial, Abdelkader Merah, denounces a “hard”: “I am not my little brother!”

The court welcomes the trial of Abdelkader Merah — ERIC FEFERBERG / AFP

  • On the occasion of the last day of the 2nd week of the trial, the court is to hold income on the circumstances of the theft of the scooter T-Max by Mohamed Merah.
  • His brother Abdelkader was present in the car when Mohamed Merah has decided to steal the two-wheeler.
  • This is the scooter that the killer was used in march 2012 for murdering seven people, three soldiers, a teacher and three jewish children.

Regularly, he removes his glasses, rubs his eyelids. Only sign of fatigue after five hours of interrogation before the Court of assizes special-Paris. This Friday, Abdelkader Merah, who was accused of having “knowingly” helped his brother to prepare
the killings of Toulouse and Montauban in march 2012, did not flinch.

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A cold blood which he would shed that on rare occasions the face of the pugnacity of the general counsel, Naima Rudloff. As foreseen by the agenda very compartmentalized established by the president, the Court examined the place of the flight by Mohamed Merah scooter T-Max occurred on march 6, 2012. The presence of Abdelkader Merah for these facts is one of the pillars of the charge.

“The haute bourgeoisie, it is different from the world of the street!!! ”

The accused knew-it projects a deadly threat to his brother and he knowingly allowed to steal the two-wheeler used during his attacks ? To these questions, many times repeated by the civil party this afternoon, he has not ceased to deny it, manoeuvring often playing with the trial schedule.

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The accused is formal, never his brother Mohammed #Merah has expressed his desire to have a scooter T-Max

— helenesergent (@helenesergent) October 13, 2017

March 6, 2012, the man “crossed” his brother “in the neighborhood” that informs them to want to buy a jacket of biker. Himself the owner of a motorcycle and a lover of ” large vehicles “, Abdelkader Merah , proposed to him to go to an accessories shop he used to frequent. In passing, it embarks a friend, Walid Larbi-Bey, and all three of them travel there by car. “We share, I was driving her Clio and all of a sudden my brother said “stop !” “says the accused. It runs,
Mohamed Merah descends, the two men remain “discuss” in the vehicle. “And suddenly I see my brother to spend on a scooter without a helmet, we were stunned,” says Abdelkader.

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Summoned by his friend to follow him ” in case a lawmaker wants to intervene “, Abdelkader Merah had wanted to do a half-turn. A few moments later, the brothers Merah can be found at Izards, the elder visibly a little shocked by the theft of his younger brother. “Your world, ( … ) is different from the world of the street. It is true if someone of the upper middle class sees it, it will call directly the 17 ! We this is not it ! “is justified there.

“As a muslim, theft of a scooter, it was a very unpleasant for me,” said Abdelkader #Merah

— helenesergent (@helenesergent) October 13, 2017

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Questioned about his inaction during the crime, and on the compatibility of the movement with his faith, Abdelkader Merah stated ” as a muslim, this flight, it was a very unpleasant for me, but I was taken hostage ! “. The civil party bounces : “If you know that a person has committed an offence, and even if it is a muslim country (…) the doctrine of salafism does not allow, does it not, to report it to an authority, not a religious one ? “- ” It is a question about religion in it, there will be a special day to talk about religion,” dodge Merah with reference to the examination scheduled on 20 October, dedicated to his conversion.

“He must be turning in his grave”

Problem for the accused, the only man able to confirm his version, the “3rd man” who witnessed the theft, is death. Walid Larbi-Bey was murdered in Toulouse in 2014 in the context of drug trafficking. All that Abdelkader Merah has never wanted to reveal his name at the trial, before you give it after his friend died. “I told the investigators that I was present during the theft of the scooter and I found myself incarcerated and in isolation,” said the accused, saying he wanted to save Larbi-Bey.

– ” In reality, it is very convenient for you to Larbi-Bey “, let go of the general counsel.

– ” Madame, he is dead… “, says Abdelkader Merah.

– ” Exactly ! You have accused once he is dead (…) he must be turning in his grave ! “.

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The hours go by, each new question is the subject of a protrusion of the defence lawyer, Eric Dupond-Moretti. Cornered, Abdelkader Merah burst out : “I am not Mohamed Merah I Merah Abdelkader ! I see from the beginning of the trial that everyone would jump on it ! But I’m not my little brother ! “.