At home Jennifer garner was 5-6 cars with paparazzi

У дома Дженнифер Гарнер постоянно дежурили 5-6 машин с папарацци

The star of marriages as there are obvious advantages and obvious shortcomings, and Jennifer garner in a new interview spoke about, perhaps, main from them – the media publicity. According to the actress, for a dozen years every day, 24 by 7, their with Ben Affleck house was on duty about 5-6 cars with paparazzi.

46-year-old garner gave an interview to the TV show CBS Sunday Morning and shared details of the difficult life in the star. According to the actress, their matrimonial home was 5 or 6 cars, and on weekends sometimes up to 15-20 and so continued for decades.

“Still remembering all this, I feel that I can cry,” admits Jennifer, describing what pressure she lived for many years. “Because of this pressure you’re in a hurry to get married because they think that this will end all these rumors in the style of “They’re engaged? Or not?” The opposite is also true: if there is any difficulty, or if the tabloids have decided that there is some problem – it can really cause problems.”

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