At least two drive-ins this summer at ExpoCité and the Québec airport

Au moins deux ciné-parcs cet été à ExpoCité et à l’aéroport de Québec

At least two drive-ins free see the the day, ExpoCité and the Québec airport, between 2 July and 23 August. Two films will be screened from Thursday to Sunday, 19h and 21h30.

This is what the City has confirmed, Friday, in the late morning. About 835 000$ have been invested by the municipality in this activity, which will be headed by the Festival of cinema of Quebec City (FCVQ).

“This project will not compete with the cinemas private. Drive-ins are a complementary offering,” assured the vice-president of the executive committee, Marie-Josée Savard. Thus, no new movie will not be presented “in order to leave the exclusivity to the cinema if they can open in the summer”.

Ian Gailer, director-general of the FCVQ, and added that there will be approximately 300 seats to Expocite and between 120 and 200 seats on the side of the airport where several security measures will be put in place because of the sensitivity of the site. No seat reservation will not be possible. Quebec City is currently analyzing the possibility of adding a third drive-in, park to the east of the City.

The people who will attend the screenings of 19h will be asked to leave the premises at the end of the first film to leave the place to the other.

Varied programming

The City of Québec stated that “the programming will apply to the entire population and to put forward a diversity of genres, types and sources. The films presented to 19 will be particularly aimed at the family, and more than half of the content presented will be from quebec”.

There will be one toilet per 10 vehicles on each of the sites selected and all the rules of distancing physical of public Health will be applied to the letter, a-t-on insisted.

And as the mayor Labeaume has promised in April, there will be beautiful and well the sale of pop-corn on the selected sites.

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