At Lyon airport will open robotic Parking

Work yourself take the car to their places, and then exporting it back before the arrival of the owners.

У Ліонському аеропорту відкриють роботизовану парковку

Company Stanley Robotics built in Lyon airport Saint Exupery robotic Parking capacity of 500 cars. Before the flight passengers can bring in your car in the box, where it will pick up one of the four robots, which distributes cars in the Parking lot. The service will be available to passengers in a few weeks, according to a press release, informs Rus.Media.

Airports near big cities constantly serving a large number of visitors and they can’t provide each of them a place to Park a personal vehicle is even paid. In addition, for the visitors Parking at the airport is also often uncomfortable because they have to search for a free place to go with Luggage to the terminal. Engineers have long proposed the concept of solving these problems, and some companies are already implementing it in practice.

As a solution they propose to automate the Parking lot with the help of robots that will intercept the car at the entrance and self-Parking. This allows customers to save time and the owners of Parking lots to increase the density of the cars. Few companies deals with the testing of robotic Parking and Dusseldorf airport similar service already available to customers, however this technology is at an early stage of its development.

Company Stanley Robotics presented their implementation of automated Parking in 2017. The Central element of the Parking robot Stan. It is a flat motorized platform with a control unit, which is ldar and camera. During operation Stan pulls up under the car and locks its wheels, with retractable end stops. Then he takes the car in its Parking space, and it is subject to the return flight. For example, if the return flight is booked a month in advance, the robot can place the car away, and block his other cars, whose owners will come back sooner. For the passenger this part of the process is hidden. He just imported the car in a special box, and then takes him out after arrival.

The company has already conducted tests at the airports of Lyon, Paris and Dusseldorf, but only now she has introduced a service that will be available to regular customers after a few weeks. Robotic Parking opens in Lyon airport Saint-Exupery. It is designed for 500 seats and will be served by four works Stan. For customers in the Parking lot with 12 boxes, of which the work will be to pick up the car. In the future, the company plans to increase the number of places for vehicles to six thousand.

Some companies solve the problem of Parking other technological means. For example, Mercedes-Benz is developing for their cars function, allowing the driver to assess the risk of Parking in another place on the basis of statistics of crimes nearby.