At the age of 46, the COVID-19 plunges him into a coma six days

À 46 ans, la COVID-19 le plonge dans le coma six jours

 Admitted to icu, and immersed for six days in a coma, in France, where he made his life, a born Quebec believes that it is a miracle if he survived to the COVID-19.

At the end of the wire, Frédéric Gaudette, 46, explains that he comes from far away, but it will get better. Now healed, he wants to thank all his heart the medical staff who saved her life, and implore the population to comply with all instructions.

“When we pass the box “hospital”, or as it is put on an artificial respirator and that it is six days in a coma, intubated […], feverish, I would say that it is an adventure quite disturbing that makes you think “, he breathed.

Stay in Paris

The contractor believes that it may have been infected by the coronavirus during a stay in Paris, in march, where he participated in a ceremony under the Arc de Triomphe.

The Montreal native, who has lived for twenty years in France, where he founded a company, 3D animation, think that his nightmare began during a stay in Paris.

As deputy general secretary of the Société nationale des meilleurs ouvriers de France, a prestigious non-profit association, it filed on march 8, a wreath of flowers on the tomb of the unknown Soldier under the Arc de Triomphe.

Back home near the lake of Annecy, a few days later, nothing more was going to. He was coughing, breathing poorly and felt exhausted up to ” lose a little bit of the reason “.

He thinks that he would have had to go to the hospital earlier. However, when he called the emergency line, we responded to acetaminophen.

“Completely amorphous”

Finally, it is his ex-spouse who, worried that he is no longer active on her phone, alerted the emergency services. “I was completely amorphous in my bed,” said the man.

“One more day and that was it,” says the one who considers, however, ” somewhat fit “, and had no trouble particular health.


Mr. Gaudette had to be connected to an artificial respirator.

“When I arrived at the hospital, [the mother of my children] was called, and was told that I was dying,” says Frédéric Gaudette.

His children are 8 and 10 years old ” were afraid of losing their dad.”

He has spent 14 days in hospital during which he gave among other an experimental treatment american, the remdesivir.

“It is a virus that does a lot of damage when he takes over, insists Mr. Gaudette. […] I am a miracle, that’s for sure. ”

“When I got out of the hospital, I saw my family doctor […]. I reconfirmed, in reading the report, I was very lucky to be in front of him, ” tip-t-it.

This experience makes him skeptical about the re-opening early schools, which is discussed in France as in Quebec.

According to him, ” it is not necessary to take risks “.

Days of anguish

  • 8 march : Frédéric Gaudette began a stay in Paris.
  • 12 march : first symptoms : cough, loss of taste, lack of appetite and energy, body aches.
  • 15 march : back home, at & Duingt, south of Geneva, he tries to rest and called a few times the emergency line.
  • 22 march : It was rushed to the Centre Hospitalier Annecy Genevois. “I was in a fever to 41 degrees, my blood oxygenation was no longer sufficient to feed my brain. “He will eventually be transferred to the intensive care unit and the intensive care service. The medication will sometimes experience hallucinations.
  • April 4 : He gets discharged from the hospital, but remains low : “just climb the stairs at home, to go in the room, it was almost a feat ! ”
  • 19 April : In recovery, it gets better, but “lack of breath” sometimes and has restless sleep.
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