At the auction exhibited a note of Hitler, 1945

На аукцион выставили записку Гитлера 1945 года

The Network published the telegram of the führer of the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler, which he sent on 24 April 1945, to field Marshal Ferdinand Schoerner. Historical document up for auction at Alexander Historical Auctions in the United States, according to “Moscow 24”.

“I will stay in Berlin in order to take advantage of participation in the decisive battle for Germany and show a good example to all the rest,” – said in a telegram to Hitler.

In addition, it is noted that two days after writing the note to the Fuhrer was given the opportunity to leave Berlin, but he refused.

For the lot at the auction plan to gain 60 to 80 thousand dollars.

Earlier, the Federal Bureau of investigation (FBI) has declassified documents concerning possible secret flight of the head of Nazi Germany Adolf Hitler in Germany in 1945.

According to them, in 1945, the FBI considered the version about the flight of Hitler. In particular, one of the Agency staff reported that the Fuhrer fled to the South American country on a submarine and then lived there on the ranch. However, the head of the FBI J. Edgar Hoover (at that time headed the Agency), having examined the data, found the information incomplete and decided not to track down the Fuhrer.