At the bottom of the Japanese sea found the ship during the First world war with gold

На дні Японського моря знайшли корабель часів Першої світової з золотом

On the ship – the sunken gold worth 113 billion dollars
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Company from South Korea said of the sensational discovery at the bottom of the sea of Japan. After years of searching was discovered sunk in 1905 the Russian military ship “Dmitry Donskoy”, transporting the gold reserves of the Second Pacific squadron of the Russian Empire.

The gold was intended for the payment of all port charges, fees of officers and sailors. Today the price of gold loaded on the ship is 113 billion dollars.

“Dmitry Donskoy” has become the latest victim of the legendary battle off Tsushima island. Then Japanese warships sank almost the entire Russian fleet. Only the cruiser “Almaz” managed to reach Vladivostok.

“Dmitry Donskoy” tried to break with a load of gold, but the evening of may 15, 1905, he caught up with six Japanese cruisers and several destroyers, but the Japanese sink it failed. However, the low speed, the damage and the almost complete lack of ammunition under the domination of the enemy on the sea leaves no chance to reach Vladivostok. Half the team died. Captain Ivan Lebedev decided to flood it, and that was done on the island Dagelet.

There was conducted the fruitless search for the “Dmitry Donskoy”. And now, after 113 years, the ship was discovered at the bottom of the sea of Japan near the island Ulnd. This is the current name of Dagelet.

Representatives of the South Korean company Shinil Group reported that “Dmitry Donskoy” is in poor condition. It lies at a depth of 434 meters at a distance of nautical miles from Uldo. Doubt that this is the “Dmitry Donskoy”, no. On the bow is clearly visible the inscription in Cyrillic “Dmitry Donskoy”.

Korean divers also point out that you still have all of the ships guns and ammunition. And most importantly – on Board are dozens of metal boxes. They are closed. The divers could not verify their contents. But the description they coincide with those which were shipped gold bullion.

Shinil Group appealed for help to companies from China, USA and Canada. It is necessary to raise the ship from the bottom to the surface over 200 tons of gold. According to international rules, a South Korean company, as well as those who will help her, should obtain 10 per cent of the value of the findings.

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