At the end of the wire or the screen: ‘the teachers invited to complete a follow-up with students each week

Au bout du fil ou à l’écran: les profs invités à réaliser un suivi auprès des élèves chaque semaine

Québec invites all teachers who can to contact their students by phone or on the screen once a week, with priority given to young people in difficulty.

The minister of Education, Jean-François Roberge, sent Thursday morning to the school network details on the measures to be put in place from the 30th of march, for the period of closure.

The teachers and school staff are “invited, to the extent possible, to perform a weekly follow-up with their pupils and this, by prioritizing those they consider being of the most vulnerable” by phone or on the screen, by vidéomessagerie.

The minister also invites school principals to “mobilize all their personnel in order that all may participate in the necessary psychological support and teaching of students”, demonstrating “flexibility” to take into account personal situations of each one can read.

Schools that are closed to the public

Moreover, contrary to what had been announced, only the directions will be able to access their school.

“The establishments will remain closed to staff and the public,” said Mr. Roberge.

Only exceptions : parents and students who need to recover objects of personal or school “absolutely necessary”. They must make the request to the directorate, which will coordinate the movement so as to avoid any contact, respecting the sanitary measures.

Loans computers

This operation could allow a student who uses pc software to aid in the learning to retrieve a laptop computer, for example.

Quebec was invited to lend computer equipment to pupils in difficulty or disadvantaged families, inviting them to do so no later than by Friday, 17 April.

More details to come…