At the festival in Helsinki will play a 8-hour work of max Richter

На фестивале в Хельсинки сыграют 8-часовое произведение Макса Рихтера

At Helsinki festival of the arts will feature the work of one of the most famous contemporary composers max Richter’s Sleep, according to “Fontanka”.

In creating this work has involved scientists-neuroscientists. The essay is divided into parts that correspond to the sleep cycles from light slumber to deep sleep. Under hypnotic ambient listener falls asleep, and in the final part of the Dream 0 wakes up from a resounding crescendo.

The festival organizers prepared tents with beds, as well as one hundred tents for those who prefer privacy.

The premiere of the work, which was organized by BBC, got into the Guinness Book of records as the longest piece of music on the radio. The song lasts eight hours.

Sleep sound in the Philharmonie de Paris, the Sydney Opera house and the Grand Park Los Angeles.