At the Olympics first doping scandal! Main question: again Russian?!

Get ready: the answer you terribly surprised.

На Олімпіаді — перший допінг-скандал! Головне питання: знову росіяни?!

What the whole world waited with bated breath, what happened: at the Olympic winter games in Pyeongchang revealed the first positive doping test! In the center of a scandal 21-year-old Japanese short-tremist K. Saito declared a reserve on the men’s relay at the distance of 5000 meters. And it was his debut in the national Olympic team, reports Rus.Media.

The ill-fated test Saito surrendered on 4 February and the 7th got the message that he turned out to be positive (this result gave sample B).

In the message of the court of arbitration for Sport (CAS) States that in the sample, Saito found the banned drug acetazolamide and athlete took it voluntarily. Japanese was suspended from the Olympics in 2018 and other competitions under the auspices of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International skating Union (ISU).

Learn about the results of the test, the athlete was very surprised and upset and can’t understand, how can this be?!

I never had intentions to accept doping. I attended an anti-doping seminar which was organized by our Federation. I understand that athletes should not take the drug, even accidentally, so when I was injured or sick, I followed the instructions of a specialist. I very carefully monitor what eat and drink. This result does not fit in the head. If that is to be revealed, I sure didn’t. I will fight to prove your purity. However, if I now appeal to the CAS, then our whole team can be in the center of the scandal. So I decided to leave the Olympic village.

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