At the parade Independence Day Ukrainians will show the weapon that saw only the elect

На параде ко Дню Независимости украинцам покажут оружие, которое видели только избранные

In the midst of preparations for the independence Day of Ukraine. We already know that the traditional military parade in honor of the celebration Ukrainians will show a new defensive technique, and main street capital will be two calculations of the soldiers.

The Ukrainian President signed a decree on the celebration of the 27th anniversary of the Independence of the country in April, the first details began to emerge only now.

“The military parade in honor of Independence Day the first time we see almost all new models of equipment and weapons, which still saw and touched only selected”, — says in a Facebook military expert Sergey Zgurets.

According to him, this year will be held on Khreshchatyk tactical missile complex “Sapsan” high-precision system of volley fire “Wilga”, an automated reactive system “Verba”, a new self-propelled 155-millimeter howitzer “Bogdan”. But the legendary battle tank “Note” will not show, according to the expert. He also said that part of the equipment demonstration will be:

“To output on state tests and mass production for individual samples will still have to sweat much”.

On the main street of the country will walk two ceremonial “box”. Their composition will include the students first and second courses of the faculties of intelligence and airborne assault troops. Will also be involved in the fighting, awarded to fighters and honors military science. And from the Military Institute of telecommunications them. Cool characters will participate girls. To show themselves on parade, the cadets started training in may. They performed on the parade ground to six hours a day.

Military parade in Kiev can visit the British military. About this said Ukrainian defense Minister Stepan Poltorak after meeting meeting at the NATO summit with Secretary of state for defence of great Britain Gavin Williamson. Earlier he had invited to our party and Minister of defence of Moldova Eugen Sturza — he accepted the invitation.

All over the world pray for Ukraine

Independence Day will hold a flashmob “world simultaneous prayer for Ukraine”. Ukrainians around the world in their churches at the same time pray for our country. The flash mob will take place on 24 August at 18:00 Kyiv time, and, for example, in Ottawa, Canada will be 9:00. The organizers invite all wishing to perform the works of Ukrainian composer Mykola Lysenko’s “Prayer for Ukraine”. Their participation in the project was confirmed by a Ukrainian Church choirs, professional and Amateur teams, as well as the Ukrainian Diaspora.

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