At the tour of quebec artists unite

Au tour des artistes québécois de s’unir

After the United States and Canada, it will be the turn of Quebec, to pay tribute to all those who struggle against the COVID-19 during a special broadcast which will bring together several artists from us and which will be broadcast on TVA, learned of The Newspaper.

This great event television, presented in collaboration with the government of Québec, will take place on Mothers day, may 10, and will be entitled A chance that it was, the name of the great success of Jean-Pierre Ferland.

Her outfit will be announced officially today.

Presented without commercial break, this show will highlight the courage and resilience of front-line workers since the beginning of the pandemic, and shall also fierce fight that Quebecers deliver against the virus since mid-march.

A tip of the hat will also be given to the elderly, severely affected by the COVID-19, their relatives, the volunteers and the workers who deliver essential services.

100% quebec

Although it can be assumed that Jean-Pierre Ferland will be in part because of the name given to the event, it has not been possible to find out who will be the artists who will sing during the program, no more than the identity of the facilitators, if not it will be ” a show 100% quebec “.

The artists will sing-they from their home as the international stars who took part in the program One World : Together At Homeon Saturday night? Again, it will have to wait for that VAT opens up his game to learn more.

We know, however, that the project is in good hands since the production will be provided by Productions of the Sea. Behind including emissions to The Voice and The true nature, this box of québec has proven its value for several years.

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