At the “Yalta-2” – fear and war in the Donbass!

По «Ялте-2» – страхом и войной в Донбассе!

The world is slowly moving away from Helsinki fright, and without knowing who it was who scared. If the Americans believe, that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, according to Arnold Schwarzenegger, has turned U.S. President Donald trump in “a little soggy spaghetti”. Russian fanatical “saigusa zaputintsy” (they are “putinoboty”) believe in the same thing – that their “Bright” fuck American in full. According to skeptical Russians, Putin, of course, won, but anything worthwhile is not achieved: the anti-Russian sanctions are not lifted and the US is going to diversify and strengthen.

Moreover, NATO is expanding “Nord stream-2” how would Podvis, in particular, the U.S. Congress introduced a bill providing for financial penalties anyone who, along with Russia participates in the construction of the pipeline. And, of course, Mr. trump. He, as reported by Putin himself, does not recognize the joining of Crimea to Russia, but after returning to the United States recognized the Russian intervention in the presidential campaign of 2016 and Putin’s personal responsibility for it. And it is clear that the war in the Donbas continues, threatening ersatz independence and other coming out, the unclean Russian podbrosil.

Ukrainians, on the contrary, with all my heart proved that they still – a fragment of Europe, at least its Eastern part. Because with her frightened chief that Europe happened in Helsinki. Namely, trump and Putin about Europe without talking of the Europeans. As involuntarily and prophesied of SASCO Saarikoski and Laura Saarikoski, Finnish journalists from the newspaper “Helsingin Sanomat”. They warned the two presidents: “today, Europe is afraid that the US would just bypass it from the East. …At the highest level are dealt fears that the United States can go to these concessions for the sake of public smiles and empty promises. Some analysts are even threatened with a repetition of the Yalta conference, where trump and Putin will divide the world into their own spheres of influence. Availability concerns – proof of the presence of fear, born of the inconsistent policy of the United States. We must still hope that the main players are aware of the fact that European issues cannot be addressed without the involvement of the Europeans”.

And not in vain were afraid of the Europeans – the word “already” in this phrase superfluous. The prototype is “Yalta-2” appeared in Helsinki, where so nice controversial and talked to two presidents. And no wonder that before the meeting with Putin tete-a-tete, fixing trade, Commerce, military matters, and issues connected with China and nuclear policies as a possible subject of negotiations, trump said clearly: “let’s Talk about our mutual friend C (the leader of China, XI Jinping, the. – Ed.)”. He simply picked up his companion on the future world section. Worthy, as it seems, those who have not yet obtained to go round on a curve goat modern geopolitics. And there is still the Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel, President of France Emmanuel macron, is, in the end, Donald Tusk, representing United Europe (EU), the leaders of India, Japan, Latin America, South Africa. Who are they in the new emerging world? Participants or victims of the “Yalta-2”?..

However, can you explain? Frightening many politicians and experts “Yalta-2” is, as you know, the alleged division of the world into spheres of influence between the new world powers, when they finally sink into Oblivion a so-called unipolar world with one gendarme-a hegemon – the United States. And “Yalta-1”, as we all remember, “muddied” in February 1945, when three future “master of the world” – leaders of the United States Franklin Roosevelt, the Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin and great Britain Winston Churchill (he naively also currently thought so) – has actually won the Second world war.
And broke the back of another “competitor” in this case, the “führer of the German nation” Adolf Hitler. Having dealt with the German claims to sole world domination, “the Yalta Troika” has traced the contours of the future world, divided into spheres of influence. Then the world cracked in half and mired in the cold war, which ended with the emergence of the above mentioned hegemon – the United States, decided that geopolitical already grabbed God by the beard forever. They are, incidentally, still think so. And it took almost 30 years, that their faith was challenged by new centers of power, among whom were “old” Russia, not reconciled to the role of the “world gas station” with a “ruined economy”, China is rapidly becoming the “world factory No. 1” and India “the largest democracy in the world”, and Latin America, the word “gringo” reaching for a machete, and the Arab world, it is flourishing on oil, drowning in the blood of the “Arab spring”…

And now the world is freed from the American hegemony, and all the world, who is adequate, able to analyze what is happening and not without reason, to decide three questions. First,when “Yalta-2” will happen. Second, who will sit in the three chairs in the newly-minted winners of the Livadia Palace in the division of the world, and who will break the spine and make the losers scapegoat. Thirdly, “Yalta-2” will happen without the global shocks in the form of a Third world war or military disasters, with unpredictable consequences for everyone, when there may not be any winners or losers, nor, indeed, useless “Yalta-2”.

The answers to the first and third issues, but now is not the main because no one wants war, because it is fraught, I repeat, the destruction of all mankind. An important second question. Because the characters of 1945 are known: the three winners of the bent of Hitler and by Germany’s much to be done. But who will divide the world and by whom now, because everything has changed: the participants, the situation and “third creep”, not ready to Perderabo at their expense. Europe, as we see, afraid that the world will be divided between Russia and the United States at the expense of European “statku” and prosperity of the developed consumer society. Doesn’t want it and Russia, the Western “wise men” doomed to collapse twenty years ago, arguing that it “has the sole right to the natural wealth that is in the earth.” Sure, he didn’t want to be a “cash cow” “Yalta-2” and China, increasingly claim their rights and geopolitics, not just geo-Economics in which he is equal to almost none.

The leader of the trump does not want. Moreover, when asked, who can threaten America replied bluntly: “I Think we have a lot of enemies. I think the EU is the enemy, given that they have done to us in the trade. You would never have thought about the EU, but they are our enemy. Russia – the enemy in certain respects. China – the economic enemy. But that doesn’t mean they are bad. It doesn’t mean anything. This means that they are competitors”. Pretty cool, huh? Who of American presidents, could afford to say so on their European geopolitical lackeys and satellites is still a couple of years ago? No. And trump says. He realizes that he and the United States have what is called “burn”. So, trump wants to repartition the world under the changed conditions, because it understands that

a) the United States needs to be among the winners, who will share. And be the first among equals. With the hope that over time, when America will again become “great”, it will return the role of hegemon. Most importantly, time to make America great than he’s doing right now, claiming even NATO that his country no longer wants to be gratuitous and bottomless “pig-piggy Bank”;
b) “Golden billion” of the West have been supplemented with nearly two billions of China and Russia and on the approach of the 1.3 billion in India, and therefore, will need to negotiate with them. Or by some of them, breaking the established scheme. In other words, if the “Yalta-2” recently, the chairs of the three winners can take trump, Putin and XI at the expense of the “conditional Tusk”, representing the EU, and all the rest. But I can sit and at the expense of Russia, China and even the United States. If the world, led by the new leaders want to prove that the United States – another “colossus with feet of clay” and, for example, abandon the dollar or show for payment of debt obligations of this country, it will burst, as “product No. 2” used in the act in a violent and perverse form;

C) it is possible that the winners could be not three, but four or five. As well as defeated not one, not two. And redivision of the world has already begun in the form, thank God, of the trade wars that the United States itself with the efforts of trump and started. With those States and identified competitors – China, Russia and Europe. But there is the rest of the world…

And this process will be interesting to watch. If, I repeat, only trade wars will stop, and the “Yalta-2” born behind the counters and Bank bureaus, and will not rise together with the “nuclear mushroom” medium power, leaving the world even illusive hope in really cold nuclear winter…

And especially it will be interesting to see this in Ukraine, which needs to understand that “Yalta-2” will definitely be at her expense. If it (Ukraine) by the time any remain. Her destiny – today it is every day becoming clearer – all and unenviable unenviable. She is rapidly losing the sovereign personality and frankly afraid that violated her basic approach in foreign policy – “nothing about Ukraine without Ukraine”. Finally collapses the concept of the Ukrainian post-Maidan reassurance – “vesmirsnami”. Trump and Putin in Helsinki, it seems, spoke about the fate of Ukraine without her! The Russian President is not only replied to his American counterpart about the fate of Crimea, and the trump as it confirmed that his silence is assent. Later, Putin said: “…We spoke on Ukraine. There are some new ideas on how to resolve the crisis in the South-East of the country. Agreed to work out this is at the expert level. In my opinion, this is also a positive element moving forward.”

And it frankly scared Kiev, even got to talk back, demonstrate a willingness to disobedience with unpredictable consequences. Alas, for Ukraine. First: the guarantor of the nation immediately wrote in social networks: “We are ready and we will defend our land even if we remain alone, without international support. To do this, we continue to build an army, and the priority remains the armed forces of Ukraine. If we go to our national interests, our people, our army, we will win.” How is it – “without international support”? And where did it go? Why is she gone? And how “vesmirsnami”? And this is only a small part of the questions that arose after these words, Supreme commander.

Second: Kiev has requested explanations from Washington about the alleged discussion at the meeting, trump and Putin in Helsinki, “new proposals” on resolving the situation in Donbas and the occupied Crimea. Moreover, Kiev has offered Washington formally to deny this fact if not confirmed this information. But Washington, as you know, silent – neither confirms nor denies. Maybe because insubordinate insolence. But it could be because any ideas new destinies are already outlined was still. What?And finally, third: the Minister of defence of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak informed the Ukrainians that the United States will soon provide financial assistance to Kiev and the APU in the amount of $ 100 million. “…To strengthen the defense capability of the Ukrainian army, for the supply of arms, equipment, equipment”, – has specified Poltorak. And this despite the fact that at the same Helsinki meeting Putin for trump, who is again in agreement was silent, said: alternatives for the implementation of “Minsk agreements-2” on peace in the Donbass no. Kiev is on the “Minsk-2” and does not want to hear, and puts forward instead the idea of UN peacekeepers. And the only difference is that Russia and, as it happens, the whole world with it see UN peacekeepers only aid in the implementation of the “Minsk-2”, and here in Kiev want to use peacekeepers as a substitute, perverse alternative to the peace accords. And call it, as you know, the “protect the homeland”. Peacekeepers, who de and achieves peace in the mining edge, slightly, but in the interests of Kiev beguiled the order of implementation of the peace agreements. For example, if Moscow agreed that “Minsk-2” the return of control over Ukrainian-Russian border is the destination that comes into force after all the other, that Kiev wants peacekeepers immediately closed the border and allowed the troops OOS (APU) “to do everything”. With “wool” and “separable”. Moscow, Donetsk and Luhansk, of course, against it.

But Kiev, according to the guarantor of the nation, ready to protect the earth and without international support. And it is important to know what is behind this willingness, the fear, the hopelessness, the real power or tacit consent of the former allies in such actions? It is important to know whether he was still Ukraine is important for the West as the “main instrument of influence on Russia,” or the role she takes unnecessary? If the West, as always, subject to double standards and saying one thing, but willing to do more (to help Ukraine), it is one possible outcome of the war, but at least with some ghostly prospect of victory. If the West “merges” Ukraine, then “protection of native land without international support” is also a war, but a massacre on its own territory and with an unpredictable end and consequences. On the line can stand not only the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but also its very existence on the world map – too many around waiting for her defeat and collapse…

Not to see this, ignore it is the policy of the ostrich which stuck his head in Pyriatyn the outhouse. And there is not something that is “Yalta-2”, I can’t see anything. Moreover, whom to fight, if the “yagodovo” and the most powerful army in Europe, and poison their without fighting. In Odessa, where two of the four integrated centres provide (SSC) of the rear APU already discovered expired canned without documentation on them. Their that there of Putin’s Buryats in submarine helicopters was abandoned? But who needs the answer to this question, if you check the incident sent quartermasters from Kiev. These will check the same…

…And according to “Reuters”, the Minister of defence of the USA James Mattis, nicknamed “Mad dog” said he was ready to sit down at the negotiating table with the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu. For the first time in 2015. And again, the Pentagon is behaving like trump or the White house neither confirms nor denies this information. And trump himself said that he and Putin are very happy with how the military of their two countries cooperating in Syria. And not on whether the country will break Ukraine, and “Yalta-2”, starting in Helsinki, will continue in Damascus? It’s about Helsinki trump said: “Mr Putin and I discussed many important issues during our meeting. We got along really well, unsettling many haters who wanted to see a Boxing match. Great results are coming! …Meeting with Russia may prove ultimately more successful. From this meeting there will a lot of positive things.” And Putin only smiled politely: who knows, maybe that something…

Vladimir Skachko
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