At UMB procentuale claim Razumkov schodo povernennya features of Ukraine to PAR

В УСПП прокоментували заяву Разумкова щодо можливості повернення України до ПАРЄ

Pidstav for povernennya ukraïnskoï delegats to Parlamentsko assemble For Wrapi data currently absent.

In turn in Ukrainskomu South promislovciv I pgprint komentuoti claim spker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

“Svitovi vzhe podany CDI diplomatici signal about those scho povernennya in PAR Russie Bulo great pamilco the first blow to the credibility of R, vodnochas Ukrainian position has zvuciti Nations sec on tions raspadaetsya Maglev for us power. Our derjav need to use the VSI navn menards diplomatic marketplace, us features for vaseyana national interest Ukraine. Including for dovedena real world will speeches schodo wine on shad Ukraine. Vidtak, ctco apologive in PAR can I need schemati probuvati teresi powers Ukraine”, – perekonnanimi President USPP Anatoly Cnah.

Lder dlova splinti nagada scho delegat low countries — Eston, Grus, Latv, Lite, Polish, Covaccine – patronale Ukraine after the company’s rsena about povernennya of the Russian Federation to PAR. Do Is for uchastju parlamentaru countries But, Grus, Polish, Veliko Britan, Ukraine, Shvets I Don Bulo Argentano the meeting was schodo coordinats out di.

“Pokey mi occupo scho in asamble “to teamlets” that vanolst spravedlivosti – Rosiya Tim hour razviva svoï scene, pokazuje Deakin prihilny Chi neutralnym to ne Cranham Wrapi scho Ukraine dіє neposhloe, “emotsii”. Dobrovoljno of savati svoï posits on Minardi aren’t possible, Tim pace, Patrica scho . ) I need to use there Chi nacse. Bo salesuse PAR, mi vdemo doval will znacnou Diplomatico podium for brekhni I manpulate on Skoda Ukraine”, — the each the President of UMB.

Data currently power participation Chi NEWCAST ukraïnskoï delegats in PAR put on “pause”.

The delegation of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine vambrace from participation in oni castin SES Parlamentsko Assemble For Vrope, so reaguoti on povernennya Russie to casino zali PAR without vikonannya vimoh resolut.

Mi also wrote about those, scho the President rospoli about vsamom Russie Ukraine in a PAR. The challenge Ukraine is not in fact dwellers of narcotici Russie, and ProSound these resolutions, that vapout teresam naso powers.

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