At which petrol stations serves delicious hot dogs and coffee?

7 networks of stations checked for quality coffee and food (rating)

На яких АЗС смачніше готують хот-доги та каву?

The experts of the Institute of consumer expertise have tested the quality of the hot dogs and coffee at the gas station of Ukraine.

Eat it on the way now is not a problem. The fastest way is to drive to the gas station. Can be refilled and the “iron horse”, and to “refuel” coffee with a hot dog.

Almost all of the network stations offer such a service. But which of them can be most tasty and without risk to health to eat, found out the experts of capital Institute of consumer expertise. Last year experts found irregularities with hot dogs at the gas station, especially in terms of microbiological safety. To check, correct mistakes sellers “hot dogs”, it was decided this year.

The testing has been 7 popular gas networks. Experts bought hot dogs and two types of coffee (espresso, Americano), after which the samples were transferred to the laboratory of Ukrmetrteststandart and a tasting of most ordinary consumers (the so-called national probands). In the end we have the following picture: best hot dogs in the country selling petrol station “WOG”, “Belarusian Republican youth Union” and “Luxon”, the best coffee – again “WOG”, as well as the youth Union, Luxon and OKKO.

Under a microscope

Sausage hot dogs should be sold only the highest grade, and therefore they were tested in the laboratory of Ukrmetrstandart for compliance with regulations for this type. According to regulation, the mass fraction of moisture in such products should be no more than 75%, and all study participants with a stock kept within this figure. Test for starch, all the subjects were “excellent”, suggesting that “road” is used hotdog sausages higher grades.

Road food: what gas station you can eat

If the tests on moisture and starch content indicate as directly the components of the hot dog, tests on the microflora of more indicate how clearly the seller withstands hygiene standards storage of the product. A slight excess of the requirements of the GOST in the number of microorganisms detected in two of the participating companies as Shell and TNK, but given the fact that the sausages are subjected to heat treatment, such deviation is not serious. But hot dogs in the WOG network can be consumed even in raw form – the level of microflora, according to research, almost zero. First of all, it indicates a high level of logistics and storage.

On taste and color
But all the same thing in Hudahaj is a combination of sausages, bread and sauces. To determine which of the subjects are very tasty, had two tasting by professional tasters and common probands. Evaluated on a 10-point scale in both cases. In General, all hot dogs have received a sufficiently high rating. In the end, the hot dog from the “WOG” has received the highest possible 10 points for equally good taste and sausage, hot bread dogsim. This assessment put professionals and ordinary consumers. In second place – network of the Belarusian Republican youth Union, which in addition to classic options offers gourmets even such exotic hot dog as “horsemeat” or “Home” with this Ukrainian sausage. Also experts like hot dogs, purchased online “Luxon”, respectively, they also received high marks. Network “OKKO” is still pleased with the large selection of sauces for hot dogs.
And again it should be noted that all participants of the tasting liked the “vertical” load of sausages in hot dogs, as practiced by all study participants is very convenient. And only Shell gas stations continue to follow the “old school” – there is a sausage in a bun on top.

To the delight of coffee lovers

Almost all of the checked gas stations were equipped with new, modern coffee machines and coffee brands. As you know, the quality of coffee depends not only from the grains, but the degree of “steepness” of coffee machines. In the ranking win a state of the art Swiss machines that work at gas stations WOG.

На яких АЗС смачніше готують хот-доги та каву?

На яких АЗС смачніше готують хот-доги та каву?

На яких АЗС смачніше готують хот-доги та каву?

На яких АЗС смачніше готують хот-доги та каву?





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