Attack against the security chief of Mexico city: twenty arrests

Attaque contre le chef de la sécurité de Mexico: vingt arrestations

Mexico city | The mexican police announced it had arrested a score of suspects in the attack Friday in the heart of the capital city against the person responsible for the security of Mexico.

Among those arrested is a man that the security services regard as “one of the key leaders of the group” that carried out the attack.

It has wounded the chief of security of the capital, Mexico city, Omar Garcia Harfuch, 38 years of age, and served in this position since October 2019, and killed two of the men who accompanied him, as well as a bandwidth.

The security cameras have recorded the preparation of the attack, which took place at 6: 38 (local time) in a residential area of the capital.

We see a truck stop on the Paseo de la Reforma, a central avenue of the luxurious district of Lomas de Chapultepec, and twenty people off with long arms, and place themselves in ambush, according to the pictures displayed by the television Televisa.

Others remain clearly in the truck, where they organize the queue of the target.

According to the security services, the attackers had weapons of large caliber, including a Barrett, sniper rifle very powerful.

At least 28 people have participated in the attack, it was felt, adding that hand grenades had also been used.

After the attack, we could see the ground dotted with hundreds of sockets and chips, and fragments of grenades.

Fire power

This attack was carried out “by a major criminal organisation, given the firepower deployed,” said later in the evening the minister of Security, Alfonso Durazo.

It has, however, estimated that the track of the CJNG (the cartel Jalisco Nueva Generacion) mentioned Friday was that one of the possible paths.

Mr. Garcia Harfuch had indeed tweeted from the hospital, first to announce that despite “three gunshot wounds and several chips in the body”, it was “out of danger”. Then, a few hours later, to challenge the drug cartel particularly lethal and one of the most active in the capital.

This attack comes the day after an announcement by the mexican government on the zones of influence of the cartels of drug traffickers in the city of mexico.

In the valley of Mexico, composed of the capital and its vast metropolitan area, six cartels are active, said Thursday the secretary of national Defence, Luis Crescencio Sandoval.

But the security forces had also received the last week of threats against its officers on the part of a criminal group is not identified, said Mr. Durazo.

And Mr. Garcia Harfuch had conducted in recent times a major campaign against organized crime, with numerous arrests of leaders.

Despite the rising crime rate, which hit Mexico for more than a decade, the capital remains relatively calm compared to other regions of the country, where cartels have more influence and act with impunity.

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