Attack on Marseilles: The point on the survey

The police carry out the first findings on the forecourt of the gare Saint-Charles in Marseille. — BERTRAND LANGLOIS / AFP

  • Two men suspected of having housed Ahmed Hanachi, were arrested Tuesday in Toulon.
  • Anis and Anwar, two brothers of the terrorist were arrested and placed in preventive detention.
  • Moez and Amina, a brother and sister of Ahmed, arrested in Tunisia, have been released.
  • The administrative inquiry has pointed to “serious problems” with the prefecture of the Rhone.

Since the murder of Mauranne and Laura, two cousins in their twenties, perpetrated on 1 October at the Saint Charles train station in Marseille by Ahmed Hanachi, the investigation is progressing. If
Daesh has claimed responsibility for the attack with a knife, no item linking, for the moment, directly to the
terrorist organization islamic. The
investigation court focuses on the family of Ahmed Hanachi, including two of her brothers, Anwar the eldest and Anise, the little brother. The administrative investigation has revealed serious errors in the prefecture of the Rhône, which led to the release of the terrorist, on the eve of his passage to the act.

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Two men were arrested Tuesday in Toulon. Two individuals between the ages of 24 and 29 years, were arrested and placed in police custody throughout the day Tuesday to
Toulon (
Var), about fifty kilometers from Marseille. The man of 24 would have hosted Ahmed Hanachi in Toulon, france during one of his visits to the city. The second was arrested in the company of the first. The investigators seek to determine if the proprietor was aware of the intentions of the terrorist.

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Bombing of Marseilles: The proprietor of Ahmed Hanachi has been placed in police custody

— 20 Minutes (@20Minutes) October 11, 2017

Two brothers of Ahmed Hanachi in preventive detention. Anwar, the eldest, was arrested with his girlfriend Sunday while they were at a centre for asylum seekers to Chiaso, a swiss town on the Italian border. “The man is known to foreign police services for his links with the al qaeda jihadist,” said the federal police. Even if his role there is for the moment not clear, he should be extradited to Tunisia, but it could take several weeks.

Attack on Marseilles: The brother of Ahmed Hanachi has fought in Syria

— 20 Minutes Marseille (@20minutesMars) October 9, 2017

Anise, the little brother, has been arrested Saturday in Ferrara, in northern Italy, following an international arrest warrant issued by the French authorities. It is known to have fought with the group of jihadist in Syria. It should be handed over to France. The goal of the investigators is to determine if the two brothers, or at least one of the two, have played a role in the radicalization of the terrorist.
The last brother, and the sister of the killer, Moez and Amina, arrested Friday in Zarzouna, in the north-east of Tunisia, has finally been released after being heard by a judge of the pole anti-terrorism tunisia.

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Serious shortcomings to the prefecture of the Rhone. The conclusions of the administrative inquiry made public Tuesday, pointing to a “set of serious problems” within the prefecture of the Rhone, according to Gérard Collomb, the minister of the Interior. These serious problems have led to the release of Ahmed Hanachi, arrested in Lyon for the theft of a sweater two days before his passage to the act.

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Attack on Marseilles: To Laurent Wauquiez, the prefect of the Rhône, fired by Collomb, is an “expiatory victim”

— 20 Minutes (@20Minutes) October 11, 2017

He was released the next day, while he was in an irregular situation. The police had seized the border police to expel him. But the Prefecture of the Rhone had never issued an obligation to leave French territory (OQTF), arguing that the detention centre was full. The prefect of the Rhone, Henri-Michel Comet has been relieved of his duties, he will be replaced by Stéphane Bouillon, préfet of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’azur.