Attacked STS driver: Bolduc pleads guilty

The person who was behind the assault of a driver of the Sherbrooke Transportation Company (STS) after he asked him to put his cat in his cage last July settled his accounts with the courts.

In return, Charles Bolduc pleaded guilty to assault, assault with a weapon and possession of cannabis.

Bolduc recognized the factual story of the events of July 26 when he had a baseball bat in his hands, but never used it when he hit the STS driver.

The assault was committed when Bolduc kicked the driver twice while he was on the ground. The main injuries to the victim’s face in this case were caused by a crash of the driver during a jostling with the accused.

The analysis of the images captured by a witness of the scene on the STS bus helped to draw the factual frame.

“My client was heavily intoxicated at events. On the images, we see my client hold back when the driver let him out of the bus, “said defense lawyer Alexandre Fleurent legal aid.

In court, Charles Bolduc claimed that this episode was part of a bad day in his life.

“I had no place to go. I had an anxiety attack, “Bolduc told the court.

On the night of this “bad day”, Charles Bolduc found himself on a STS bus with his cat and his suitcase on which was hung a baseball bat after leaving his home.

The cat comes out of his cage

Charles Bolduc’s cat is out of his cage which is causing a verbal escalation between the user and the driver of the STS.

The tone has risen to the point where Charles Bolduc has become aggressive towards the driver. The latter then communicated with his supervisor before blocking the doors of the bus to keep the recalcitrant user inside.

The bus driver grabbed the baseball bat, but Charles Bolduc rushed to him to pick him up.

The victim was injured when he fell to the ground. Bolduc then took the opportunity to kick him two kicks. The driver then let him out.

“This event was a turning point in my life. I did a three-month therapy thereafter. I assume what I did. I’m sorry, “says Bolduc.

The criminal prosecutor Claudie Marmet told the court that the victim in this case wanted to be present during the sentencing submissions on March 16, 2018.

By that date, a pre-sentence report will be prepared in the file to inform the court of the accused’s situation.

Charles Bolduc also acknowledged the possession of cannabis during this episode.

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