Attention: blow of heart

Attention: coup de cœur

Take your calendar and circle the date of may 28. It is on this day that Club illico will present the second season of The girlfriend prodigious, tv series adapted from the best-selling author of the Italian Elena Ferrante.

I listen to the original version in Italian (and neapolitan dialect) subtitled in French, and I have the toes curled in pleasure. Outside of my series quebec worshipped, it is (by far) that I have seen better on tv in terms of drama.


In march 2017, I said to you in The Log at which point I was happy to learn that my books darlings, the four volumes of The girlfriend prodigious Elena Ferrante, would be brought to the small screen by HBO, RAI and Canal +. Then in November 2018, I told you how much I was delighted with the result.

Well, in April 2020, I can tell you at what point the second season of this “saga neapolitan” is absolutely… prodigious.

I am made as the sixth episode (out of a total of eight) and I am absolutely, totally, perfectly, under the charm.

This second season takes place in the 60’s. Lila and Elena are still living a friendship complex, made of love and hate, jealousy and complicity. While one tries to escape the intellectual poverty of his family, the other is trying to get out of the misery of an unhappy marriage.

Everything, absolutely everything is impeccable in this series. The two actresses main (Margherita Mazzucco and Gaia Girace) are accuracy, breathtaking (so that they have no experience as an actress).

The sets, recreated in studio, are glaring truth. And the directing is awesome (hats off to Saverio Costanzo and Alice Rohrwacher). This series has nothing to envy to the best Italian films of the 70’s.

The camera lingers on the tears of a mother humiliated by the intelligence insolent of his daughter, or the clack of heels from a woman determined to live her life independently. This is great art, a great item

But what makes above all the strength of this second season of girlfriend is prodigious, it is the complexity of the psychology of the characters. As in the novels. Moreover, the author Elena Ferrante participates in the writing of the scenarios.

The girlfriend prodigious achieves this feat of being both profound and popular.

And I do not hide you that in this era of containment, it’s been a good crazy to see images of the beaches of Ischia, bay of Naples, or just to see the pretty Italian wear pretty dresses and beautiful scarves, in the middle of summer, carefree and free !


We already know that there will be a season 3 and a season 4 girlfriend is prodigious, in order to adapt volumes 3 and 4 of the saga literature, which has sold 10 million copies, has been translated into 42 languages and has been a huge success in Quebec.

But when ?

When the filming of tv series, will they be able to resume, in this time of estrangement ?

In the meantime, I make you a prediction : you are going to so love the season 2 of The girlfriend prodigious, as you go, as me and my husband, and spend your evenings singing along to pop songs in Italian that you hear.

Go, all in chorus… Vivere ancora…

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