Attention to the relaxation in New York

Attention au relâchement à New York

The most recent balance sheet of the State of New York reported 540 new death, a significant decrease of deaths per day in this region ravaged by the COVID-19. Despite everything, there is a need for caution.

At least that is the feeling of Brigitte Dumas, a Quebecer who lives and works in New York. “It remains extremely high, and there is talk of a flattening of the curve, which requires 2000 hospitalizations per day,” she explains in an interview with LCN.

“People are very careful still, it is not sabre, not even champagne, if I can say it,” she says.

She noticed a certain laxity, especially due to the nice weather. “It’s been happening to New York, it is 20 degrees and people are relaxed automatically, it would be”.

“We are worried about a release, some people will see 540 deaths and think that it’s down and we can release it gradually so that this is not the case.”

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