Audi and SAIC can be partners

Audi и SAIC могут стать партнерами

The parent company of Audi of the Volkswagen Group and the Chinese SAIC Motor Corp. suggested aftermarket manufacturers to participate in the bidding to become suppliers for Audi A7L which they plan to build, according to a document posted on the website of the Chinese network of trades and purchases.

According to the statement, published on 2 July, interested parties may obtain tender documents till December 9.

The document suggests that the long-standing negotiations between Volkswagen and SAIC for Audi has advanced to such an extent that they can begin to lay the foundations for the creation of the supply chain.

SAIC and Volkswagen are in talks about expanding cooperation to include Audi, and both sides have developed a preliminary plan regarding what cars they will produce together, announced to the shareholders of SAIC Chen Hong in may.

SAIC will inform the media about the partnership with Audi next year, but details were not disclosed. The German side also

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