Australia: A 5 year old girl soon going to be post-menopausal

A little girl of five years old suffering from the disease of Addison will soon be menopausal. (illustration) — Pixabay

Emily Dover, a small Australian aged only 5 years old, will be very soon post-menopausal.

The doctors following the girl suffering from multiple pathologies will, in effect, administer a treatment aimed to correct the deséquilibre hormone they are suffering from. With the result of the arrival of the menopause in this child development very early.

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Rules to four years

Because as the story goes, the Mirror, the little girl from Gosford (Australia) had the first acne flare-ups and saw her breasts take shape as early as the age of 2 years. And two years later, Emily has started to have its rules before any excess body hair does not develop on her arms, her back and her vagina.

The girl is also set to release a strong body odor, and is much larger than his peers of the same age. At the age of four weeks, she has grown 4 inches in seven days. Aware of these events but unable to understand the reason, the small Australian lives poorly the situation.

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A campaign of online participation

“She has never had the opportunity to be a little girl,” says Tam, Dover, the mother of the child. In addition to this premature puberty, Emily is diagnosed with sensory problems, anxiety, spectrum disorders (autism and adrenal insufficiency. These symptoms are typical of the disease of Addison, the doctors have finally diagnosed in a young patient, after years of hesitation.

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If it is going to precipitate the menopause of Emily, the treatment received by the little girl in the form of injections should improve its state. But the drugs are expensive. Each sting costs the equivalent of approximately 1.230 euro. The girl’s parents have launched a campaign
crowdfunding online. The initiative is a success because in just two weeks, the target set by Dover has been far exceeded.

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